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About Everything Wiki » Motivation » 6 simple truths to learn in order to start a new life

6 simple truths to learn in order to start a new life

13 Jun 2023, 00:00, parser
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Sometimes it is difficult for us to recognize human weaknesses, and we come up with excuses not only for ourselves, but also for others. Most of our lives we wait for a miracle, but it is constantly late, and maybe it will never happen at all. So what are we waiting for? Changes that will allow us to finally enjoy life. If you want to radically change everything, you will have to accept a few simple truths.

1. You will repeat the same mistakes until you learn from them

All the problems, obstacles, inconveniences and frustrations are actually repeated mistakes. And you will continue to step on the same rake until you learn the necessary lessons from your mistakes. And to do this, you will need awareness and willingness to change.

It is important to remember that you are not a victim of circumstances and fate. It all depends on who you are and what you are doing. Blaming others for your problems is just one form of denial. Be patient and start changing your life on your own. It will not be possible to do this in just a couple of days or even weeks, so give yourself time, and gradually everything will turn out exactly the way you want.

2. You see in others what is in yourself

You like or dislike in others what you love or hate in yourself. Show tolerance and accept other people for who they are. Try to understand yourself and objectively perceive your character, thoughts and feelings. Any negative experience makes it possible to become better tomorrow than yesterday. Help others and you will help yourself.

3. Only you can change your life

We are used to waiting. We are waiting for our dreams to become reality or when our life will suddenly change dramatically. However, nothing will happen until we act.

When we feel unhappy, we hope for a miracle that will save us from all problems. But difficult situations cannot be solved with a snap of the fingers. If you want changes, you need to take at least small steps towards your goals.

Most of us understand this, but forget it in difficult times. Don't expect someone or something to do everything for you. Take responsibility for your life on your own.

4. You will always find an excuse not to do something

You can spend your whole life blaming the world and others for not getting what you want. Everyone will have at least one excuse to live not the way they want. But people who enjoy life are not looking for excuses. They don't blame everyone around them, but find ways to overcome obstacles. That's why they succeed in everything they do.

Remember that it is only your choice to justify inaction or to finally start living the life you have always dreamed of.

5. You won't be able to please everyone

All people are different. We understand this, but sometimes we still forget that other people have completely different values. Be prepared for the fact that everyone around you will evaluate you, because everyone has the right to express their point of view.

However, only you decide how much the opinion of others affects your life. And trying to please everyone doesn't seem like the right choice. You will spend your time and energy, but still someone will not like something. Therefore, devote your time to relationships with those who accept and love you with all your advantages and disadvantages.

6. You cannot change the past

We often attach too much importance to memories, not taking into account that all this is already in the past. Of course, it is useful to learn important lessons from the experience and understand which experience is not worth repeating, but living in the past is a completely different story. Draw conclusions and move on. Your past is just a series of life stages that have made you who you are.

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