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About Everything Wiki » Life » 11 innovations that will change our lives tomorrow

11 innovations that will change our lives tomorrow

02 May 2023, 06:57, parser
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There are inventions that radically change the life of mankind by their appearance. Look, for example, at an ordinary light bulb. Today it is impossible to imagine our life without this object, and its advantages over other light sources seem quite obvious. However, her path to recognition was by no means strewn with roses. From the moment of its appearance in 1809 to widespread recognition, more than 100 years have passed!

For a whole century, this invention was being refined and made its way. Maybe even now we are surrounded by inventions that can radically change our future, we just don't notice them? We offer you a list of the most interesting innovations that can become a reality in just a few years. Are you ready for the future?

1. Electric clothing

Physicists at Wake Forest University have developed a fabric that works like an electrical outlet for your portable devices. This fabric uses the temperature difference between different parts of our clothes to generate electricity. So, the difference between the temperature of the armpit area and the cuff of the shirt can be up to 10 degrees and this is quite enough to power an MP3 player.

2. New coffee

Currently, all coffee producers use a single technology «dark roast», which largely unifies the appearance and taste of any kind of coffee. However, now new technologies of transportation, storage and production are increasingly penetrating into this sphere, which will radically change the coffee we are used to in a very short time. So, it is very likely that orange-flavored coffee or roasted almonds will appear, and Starbucks is already offering Blonde Roast light coffee. So, very soon the familiar taste and dark color of coffee may become a relic of the past.

3. Smart underwear

What would you say if your underpants complained about you for missing a workout? Hehe.
However, the Finnish company Myontec has recently started selling underwear with built-in sensors that monitor how your quadriceps, hamstrings or glutes work. It then sends this data to a computer for analysis. Despite the fact that now this underwear is intended for athletes, very soon it may become a common way to control a person's physical activity.

4. The anti-sampling system.

Recent studies have shown that very often traffic jams occur not because of the low capacity of the highway, but because of the uneven movement. Currently, developments are underway in many countries, and in some places anti-traffic jams are already being introduced. These can be special sensors that collect traffic information and transmit it to traffic lights, which automatically change the operating mode. Or a new car adaptive cruise control (A.C.C.), which maintains a set distance between cars, thereby smoothing out the unevenness of movement as the main cause of traffic jams.

5. Automotive driver control System

At first, cars learned to track the status of their important nodes using a sensor system. Today, they are already learning to control the driver's condition: they imperceptibly do a breath analysis for alcohol and monitor the frequency of blinking in order to avoid falling asleep. Tomorrow this trend will develop and your car will be able to forbid you to get behind the wheel in case of ill health. In addition, in the event of an accident, the car will not only call emergency services, but will also be able to give an exhaustive report to the visiting doctors about the nature of injuries, collected based on the analysis of the built-in sensors.

6. Caring monitors

Already, there is a Philips ErgoSensor monitor that can track the position of your body, the distance to the screen and gives recommendations on the correct posture based on this. Monitors will be able to count the time you spent at the computer and advise you to take a break, as well as automatically turn off when there is no one in front of them.

7. Remote gag

Japanese scientists have created an ingeniously simple and effective device that can silence any person. SpeechJammer is a device that looks a bit like a fantastic gun. Being directed at any person, it records his speech using a directional microphone and immediately broadcasts the stream back through the speaker with a delay of several milliseconds. As a result, a person has a desynchronization of the auditory and speech apparatus, which leads to the impossibility of conversation.

8. Non-alcoholic alcohol

Researchers from Imperial College in London are nearing the discovery of a formula for a new type of alcohol. Synthetic alcohol will forever leave headache problems in the past, not to mention other problems associated with drunkenness. With the help of synthetic alcohol, you can have fun without harm to your health, and as soon as you get tired of drinking the antidote and instantly become sober.

9. Smart shopping carts

In February, Chaotic Moon Labs proposed the concept of intelligent shopping carts. Such a cart can read the shopping list from your phone, then take you the shortest route through the store to the desired showcase, and also offer to buy some related products. During the service, the trolley will count all your purchases and accept the money, eliminating the need to queue at the checkout. Such a robotic trolley can recognize regular customers in person and offer to make purchases based on the preferences already studied.

10. Micro sensors in the mouth

Scientists from Princeton and Tufts are working on a superminiature sensor attached directly to the tooth in the oral cavity. Such a sensor will be able to signal the appearance of specific bacteria in saliva that usually accompany peptic ulcer disease and some forms of cancer.

11. Robo animals

Everyone knows the positive psychological and therapeutic effect that pets cause. However, a cat or dog needs constant care, walking and feeding. Therefore, scientists from the University of British Columbia have created a so-called "smart fur". This strange-looking creature is covered with artificial fur, under which special sensors and controllers are hidden, allowing you to simulate the reactions of a living being.

Although all these inventions are almost ready for widespread adoption, of course not all of them will have an easy fate. I wonder what innovations will be able to gain recognition and become widespread in the near future? What do you think?

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