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About Everything Wiki » Life » 7 good evening makeup ideas

7 good evening makeup ideas

29 May 2023, 13:54, parser
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Evening makeup is applied, as a rule, to attend a special event, a party, a nightclub. It should be brighter than daylight in order to look good in artificial light, but remain elegant. For evening make—up, saturated shades, shimmering and mother-of-pearl shadows are usually used - everything that can give the face expressiveness in subdued lighting.

How not to look vulgar with evening makeup

Remember that the main goals of makeup are to emphasize beauty and mask flaws. Therefore, it is worth avoiding mistakes that will lead to the opposite effect.

  • Use all ideas at the same time. If you apply a lot of bright cosmetics at once and mix all styles, there is a risk of looking ridiculous. You can choose some kind of highlight and build the rest of the image around it.
  • Overdo it with the thickness of the layer. Excess makeup makes a person look older. Now naturalness is in fashion, so it's better to put too little blush on the skin than to look like a Snow Maiden with red cheeks. The same applies to all other decorative cosmetics: it is worth knowing the measure.
  • Do not follow the color combination. Unlike daytime, evening makeup gives room for coloristic experiments. But you need to do it wisely: it is unlikely that blue shadows will suit a red dress.
  • Get carried away with sequins. It is best to apply them to one area: either eyelids, or cheekbones, or lips. Excess gloss is more suitable for New Year's party.
  • Apply makeup carelessly and do not make sure that nothing is smeared. Even the highest quality mascara, applied to the eyelashes in lumps or drained under the eyes, gives a cheap look. Use clean and suitable-sized brushes and brushes, carefully shade all the borders and do not forget to look in the mirror during the evening.
  • Not to realize what you are doing and why. Any rules can be broken if you understand what you plan to achieve with this.

How to do evening makeup

1. Remember the classics

Photo: looking_2_the_sky / Depositphotos

Smokey ice adds expressiveness to the look and fits most types of appearance, so this is a win-win option. A kind of "little black dress" for the eyes. You can vary the shades and the density of the shadows to make the makeup brighter or more modest.

2. Glue false eyelashes

Photo: puhhha / Shutterstock

The look looks even more seductive from under thick eyelashes. Try invoices if your own seem rare and not long enough. Artificial eyelashes are ribbon and bunches. Choose the ones that are more convenient for you to glue. And practice in advance so that you can cope without any problems before the party.

3. Use colored mascara

This is an even bolder way to brighten the eyelashes. Bright blue mascara looks especially interesting. But if you have light eyes, use it with caution, it can make them less expressive. In this case, try applying colored mascara on top of the usual black.

But purple is suitable for any shade of eyes. To enhance the effect, walk along the contour of the eyes with a pencil in the color of mascara.

4. Draw arrows

Фото : looking_2_the_sky / Depositphotos, ipag collection, Africa Studio, Shtennikova Evgenia / Shutterstock

When making an evening make-up, be sure to draw the contours of the eyes. The arrows will look good : they visually enlarge the eyes and give them an attractive "cat" shape. Graphic and clear options are more convenient to draw with liquid eyeliner, and shaded lines are better done with a pencil.

A couple of years ago, there was a fashion for colored and shiny arrows, and with skillful use, such eyeliner accentuates the eyes even better than ordinary black. And if you are not inclined to experiment and just want to give a fresh look, then draw the inner corner of the eye with a white pencil.

5. Try colored shadows

Фото : Alena Root, studio_may / Shutterstock, Subbotina / Depositphotos
There are no specific rules with colored shadows: they can be applied with a dry or wet brush, shaded or leave clear borders. Try different options and combinations, choose cosmetics to match the color of earrings or a neckerchief, play on contrasts. For a masquerade or a New Year's party, you can draw funny pictures on your eyelids. But in this case, it is better to take black mascara or not use it at all.

6. Add sparkles

Фото : Subbotina Anna / Shutterstock

Highlight your eyes with shimmering shadows, or give a glow to your cheekbones with a small glitter, or glue playful shiny freckles when going to a costume party — there are a lot of options . If you like shiny makeup, do not forget to use a fixing spray so that bright particles remain on your face, and not on your clothes.

7. Paint your lips in a bright color

Фото : AllaSerebrina / Depositphotos

Another classic of evening makeup is red lipstick. But it is not necessary to limit yourself to it, try to emphasize the lips with other colors. Moreover, it is not even necessary to purchase new cosmetics for this. You can put on your lips what you already have in your makeup bag: cream shadows or blush and even an eye pencil. Just don't forget to add hygienic lipstick or gloss on top.

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