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About Everything Wiki » Life » How to wear an oversize if you want to emphasize your figure, not hide it

How to wear an oversize if you want to emphasize your figure, not hide it

23 May 2023, 11:15, parser
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Oversized clothing implies a loose fit. Such things seem to be from someone else's shoulder, larger in size, they hide the outlines of the figure. Some wear an oversize for this very purpose, so baggy models completely satisfy their request. However, others want their true body size to be clear in these fashionable and comfortable clothes. And the following tips may be useful to them.

What to do with the overlay to show the shape

Roll up your sleeves or pant legs

This will not help to demonstrate the figure in all its glory, but it will give the observer an idea of what kind of body is hiding under the pile of fabric.

If you roll up the sleeves or pants, thin ankles or wrists will be visible. And it will become clear that the rest of the figure corresponds to the exposed areas of the arms or legs, and not the volume of clothing.

Accentuate the waist

This life hack will help those who like to wear both the top and bottom of the oversize. Slim waist balances the silhouette and allows you to demonstrate real volumes — at least in the middle of the body.

There are different ways to use this advice:

  • Choose shortened top models. No matter how baggy the trousers are, they will still fit on the belt. Otherwise they would have simply flown off. The long top closes this area. But if a sweater or hoodie, even if voluminous, ends at the waist, it will be possible to demonstrate the narrowest place.
  • Fill the upper part into the lower one. This is not always technically possible even with a top of a regular cut, as there is too much fabric, it cannot be distributed under the belt of a skirt or trousers. But it may work with your clothes specifically. Also try to tuck in only the front part of the top or even one shelf of the shirt.
  • Use a belt.
  • Do not fasten the top if it is a shirt or an oversized cardigan. If you put a top of a regular fit or tight under it, it will balance the image.

Combine oversize things with models in size

Dressing in oversize from head to toe and looking fragile is an asterisk task. But you can always dilute it with things of the usual cut. Then baggy clothes will become an accent, which in general will have little effect on the volume of the figure. After all, by the narrow bottom or top, it will be clear what size is your real one.

Play on the difference in textures

Oversize things are now sewn from almost anything. But if we look more closely, we will see that we often perceive clothes made of dense fabric as voluminous. These are jackets and coats, knitted hoodies and bombers, things made of leather, jeans and so on. But T-shirts made of fine knitwear, even if they are several sizes larger, do not cost a stake, but flow more along the figure and give out real volumes.

So, a dress made of light flying fabric, regardless of size, as a rule, looks good with an oversize jacket, and a flowing skirt — with a hoodie.

What images with oversized clothes can I try on

Cargo pants with voluminous top

Cargo was trendy in 2022 and is still relevant. These are wide comfortable trousers of a deliberately utilitarian look, although they are worn with anything now. We will not stray far from the sporty style, but we will select several options for the top.

The classic shortened hoodie allows you to demonstrate the waist. But at the same time, it can also expose the stomach and back when turning and tilting the body. It's not comfortable for everyone, and it can be cold. In this case, an oversize sweater can be a replacement. It is quite long, but the fabric is plastic. The front part can be tucked into trousers. As a result, the waist is accentuated, but the abdomen is covered, the back does not freeze.

If the issue of heat is no longer acute in your area, consider the option of a crop top and an oversize shirt. Do not fasten the latter or tie it with a careless knot. Another available option is a cropped cardigan.

What to buy

Oversize jacket with different "fillings"

In the Russian—speaking tradition, it is believed that a jacket is men's clothing. The female version is called a jacket. And if someone writes that a woman is wearing a jacket, there is often a discussion in the comments that is more heated than about the use of feminitives.

Jackets are really only in girls' wardrobes. But ladies wear jackets too. This part of the clothing is distinguished, as you can easily guess, by a cut close to the male version. The oversize jacket is usually deliberately sewn as if it was borrowed from a man's wardrobe, so it will not be easy to call it a jacket.

However, the name is not as important as the compatibility of the jacket with other elements of clothing. And overall it looks good with anything. Here are a few options:

  • With mom jeans and a loose shirt. It is better to tuck the shirt into the trousers, and not to fasten the jacket.
  • With a satin or silk dress. The tenderness of the bottom will balance the monumentality of the top.
  • With a mini dress with ruffles. The most difficult thing here is to balance the length of things specifically on your height, so that exactly as many flounces of the dress look out from under the jacket as it will look harmoniously. And so in this image everything works to show the figure: the legs are open, the waist is emphasized, and the unbuttoned jacket does not hide this.
  • With leather shorts and an oversize printed T‑shirt. It's better to fill it up.

What to buy

Hoodie oversize with different bottoms

The hoodie cannot be unbuttoned, it hides the entire upper body. So it remains to choose narrower bottoms that will emphasize the legs or generally stretch the silhouette. You can combine a hoodie with the following things:

  • With bicycles. An obvious option that was often used by Princess Diana , and upon the return of fashion to the 90s, everyone was exploited. To make the image not boring, you can choose bright or printed ones instead of bicycles of basic colors.
  • With flared trousers. In general, any wide models will be suitable. It is only important to make sure that they sit on the figure in their upper part — the one that still looks out from under the hoodie. If you can tuck the hoodie in the front, it will look good too.
  • With a mini skirt. She opens her legs, so that the oversize top becomes a playful detail. Moreover, it is not necessary to choose a sports cut skirt. Ruffles, prints, sequins — any elegance will work in contrast.
  • With a midi skirt. Combinations with models made of light fabrics and/or deliberately feminine cut will be especially interesting — it's all about the same contrast. However, it is more difficult to find a suitable midi than a mini, since you need to "make friends" with the length of the skirt and hoodie so that they look harmonious. But this is already solved by fitting.

What to buy

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