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About Everything Wiki » Life » What should an Internet activist do on the first weekend of October?

What should an Internet activist do on the first weekend of October?

03 May 2023, 16:28, parser
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Aren't we asking this question too soon? After all, October is still almost a whole month away. However, you need to plan a good weekend in advance, and the first weekend of October will undoubtedly be good, because it is at this time that the traditional "404" festival will be held in Samara!

What should an Internet figure do on the first weekend of October, festival 404, Samara

If your profession or hobby has anything to do with the field of Internet technology, then you definitely need to visit the "404". The festival has its own special atmosphere, after it you are charged with energy and enthusiasm for a long time.

Every year, major Internet figures come to 404, and this time will not be an exception: the list of speakers is full of famous names. You will definitely find a report interesting to you.

To give you an approximate idea of who will be at the festival and what they will talk about there, we will name only a few names:

  • Sergey Kotyrev (head of UMI.CMS): "5 main mistakes I made in management, and how much it cost me";

  • Alexey Ponomar ("Buffer Bay"): "Society of laykogolikovs";

  • Ilya Birman (Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau): "Template it";

  • Kirill Gotovtsev (RA "Manyako"): "Women's collective. gossip, intrigue and management";

  • Konstantin Kichinsky (Microsoft): "Don't tell me where I should go";

  • Anna Selezneva (CreativePeople): "Adaptive web design — how to make the Internet better";

  • Andrey Sitnik ("Evil Martians"): "Animation in a new way - laziness, pride and intolerance";

  • Zlata Nikolaeva (United company "Afisha"—"Rambler"): "How to get friends back and make everyone stop hating you."

You can find more information about all the performances on the official website of the event. And you can also watch a video from last year's festival.

But even if you don't get to any of the reports, in the corridors of the Holiday Inn hotel you will meet a huge number of interesting and useful people. "404" is probably one of the best autumn events where IT specialists get to know each other and communicate in an informal setting.

If you have decided that you must definitely get to 404 this year, hurry up with registration. You will still have time to issue it at the lowest price. But after September 10, the registration fee will increase dramatically.

By the way, there will also be a part of the Life Hacker blog team on "404". See you at the festival!

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