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Advice from ChatGPT: what everyone should experience at least once in their life

29 May 2023, 13:57, parser
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In this section, we broadcast tips from the chatbot ChatGPT, asking him various questions. We supplement such articles with images authored by another neural network — Midjourney. Total: two artificial intelligences and I, the enslaved author, will convey to you the right or just funny thoughts. And you don't have to figure out how to set up a neural network to do the same yourself. Although you can try, here is the instruction.

This time we asked the AI to answer the question: "What should everyone experience at least once in their life?" That's what the neural network answered (spelling and punctuation are preserved).

ChatGPT Tip

Everyone has their own unique set of interests, desires and goals, so what everyone should experience at least once in their life can be subjective. However, here are some general ideas of what many people consider important or meaningful for a full life:

1. Journey: Experience adventures, discover new cultures, landscapes and people, get to know the diversity of the world. Traveling can broaden your horizons and help you better understand yourself and your place in the world.

2. Love: Experience deep feelings and emotions, find a partner with whom you will share your life. Love and close relationships can bring joy, support and growth.

3. Goal achievement: Set a goal that is important to you and work towards achieving it. Feel satisfied and proud when you see the results of your efforts.

4. Self-development: Strive for continuous learning and development. Use your potential, master new skills, expand your horizons.

5. Charity: Experience the joy and satisfaction of helping other people. Invest your efforts and resources in supporting those in need, and you will be able to feel useful and make the world a little better.

6. Adventure: Step out of your comfort zone, try something new and exciting. It can be an extreme sport, an unusual hobby or just bold steps into the unknown.


7. Peaceful silence: Experience peace and inner peace by finding time for yourself, meditation or simply enjoying nature. This will help you relax, recover and appreciate the moment.

8. Self-knowledge: Take time for yourself to sort out your values and beliefs.

Can you add to this list? Write in the comments and ask questions that you would like to address to ChatGPT. The best of them will become the basis for the next articles of the heading.

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