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About Everything Wiki » iOS » The best iOS apps of 2023 according to Lifehacker

The best iOS apps of 2023 according to Lifehacker

17 Jan 2024, 12:05, parser
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1. Vivaldi

If Safari doesn't suit you for some reason, then pay attention to Vivaldi. It has built-in notes and a reading list that sync with your other devices, as well as blocking trackers and ads, choosing a search engine and much more. The application interface has a lot in common with the desktop version: thanks to the tab bar, all open pages are visible and you can quickly switch between them.

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2. Blackmagic Camera

A powerful video recording application with a lot of professional features that will allow you to unleash the creative potential of everyone involved in creating content. The Blackmagic Camera has almost the same functions as specialized digital cameras, supports synchronization with the DaVinci Resolve video editor and is able to shoot in 4K ProRes with the ability to record directly to the cloud.

Right during shooting, you can adjust the shutter speed, focal length, white balance, ISO and other parameters in one touch. In addition, the screen displays guides, sound levels, a histogram and other useful information.

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3. WeatherMind

WeatherMind shows a detailed and accurate weather forecast and allows you to record your feelings on a particular day, helping you understand how weather changes affect your well-being. In addition to the built-in mood log and in-depth statistics, the application has breathing exercises with soothing background sounds to relieve anxiety, as well as psychological tests and a lot of useful information about the correlation of weather with health.

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4. Sampld

An application for content creators and musicians that will allow you to download thousands of different free audio files. In Sampld, you can quickly find beats for a song, background music, jingles for a podcast, or just use tracks as a source of inspiration.

All samples are conveniently divided into categories, and the search is simplified by tags and the ability to sort by tempo, duration, musical instrument or mood.

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5. Pal

Pal is useful to anyone who works a lot with neural networks. It is a universal client that supports GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4 Vision, DALL-E 3, Claude 2, PaLM and Openrouter. It works faster than the web interface of the services, allows you to change queries, and also understands the Markdown markup and highlights the syntax of the code.

You will be able to interact with chatbots and generate images by quickly switching between models, copying query history and listening to responses through the built-in speech synthesis function.

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6. Swiper

A convenient means of cleaning the gallery from unnecessary photos, which will allow you to quickly restore order and free up space. Swiper works on the principle of Tinder and is controlled by gestures: if you need to leave a picture, swipe to the right, if not, swipe to the left.

You can view all photos, as well as for certain months. There is an automatic sorting for screenshots and videos. After the cleaning is finished, you will see how much space you have saved.

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7. Wallaroo

A godsend for everyone who not only loves beautiful wallpapers, but also changes them often. Wallaroo contains many selected images from various categories: nature, abstractions, movies, anime and others. With one touch, you can set wallpapers for your lock screen, desktop, or both at once.

The backgrounds are updated regularly, while the developers do not ignore holidays and seasonal events so that your wallpapers are always relevant.

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8. CouchTimes

A tracker application that will be useful for fans of spending their evenings watching TV shows. CouchTimes will help you keep track of your favorite projects and not miss the release of new episodes. He will also recommend a TV show based on your preferences.

The series cards contain information about the actors, filmed and watched episodes. There are favorites, an archive and the ability to pin the show at the top of the list.

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9. SharePal

SharePal simplifies the exchange of information and will definitely appeal to anyone who often has to send repetitive data to other people like details, emails, phone numbers and other similar things. Once you add the necessary text fragments to the application, you can then insert them into the correspondence with one touch.

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10. Subbi

The Subbi app will help you take control of all the subscriptions you use. Inside you will find templates for more than 200 popular services and services. After adding it, you will see all your expenses per week, month and year, as well as the payment history in a list and in calendar mode.

The tracker itself is free, so you won't have to sign up for another subscription, fortunately.

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11. Snoozy

An application with relaxing background sounds that speed up falling asleep, improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety. Here you will find various noises, sounds of rain and wind, birdsong and a flute.

Audio can be combined with each other, creating combinations for different moods. A timer is available that will end the session after a set time.

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12. hōki

A simple but useful tool for tracking routine activities that we often forget to complete on time. Car maintenance, replacement of a toothbrush or cartridge in a water filter — add everything you need, specifying the frequency, and the application will help you not to miss anything.

In addition to reminders, the benefit of hōki is that you will always know when the routine operation was last performed and whether it was performed at all.

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