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About Everything Wiki » iOS » iChapaev — checkers on golo!

iChapaev — checkers on golo!

03 May 2023, 06:21, parser
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There are a huge number of variations on the theme of board games in the AppStore: backgammon, gomoku, checkers, chess and these are only the most common. Many are based on the use of a chessboard as a playing field. In order to somehow stand out among thousands of similar projects, developers remember their adolescence, interrogate grandparents in the evenings, look for inspiration on the Internet, eventually go to the library, and at night eagerly leaf through hundreds of pages of old magazines and newspapers. Comrades, I am glad to present you the revolutionary-patriotic game iChapaev.

To talk about the personality of the commander himself, there is no particular desire and sense, but it's worth saying a few words about the game popularly called Chapaev or Chapaevites. Despite the fact that the action itself takes place on a chessboard, billiards can be considered its relative. Checkers of opposite colors are placed on the board in the amount of 8 pieces opposite each other. The player's task is to knock out the opponent's checkers with a click from the field, leaving his own in the game. The transition of the move occurs if the batter's checker turns out to be behind the playing field, or he does not knock out the opponent's checker. In each new round, the winner's pieces are lined up on the next line of cells. When you reach the opposite side of the field, you win the battle and capture the opponent's combat unit. When you get to the last checkers, you capture Chapai himself.

(*if people were a little smarter — civil the war would look exactly like this)

Separately, it is worth noting the style of the game. In addition to the sonorous name iChapaev, which in itself attracts attention, the application icon is wonderfully executed — on a red background, victoriously raising a saber, there is a man with a bucket on his head. A foreigner will definitely be intrigued, but you and I know why this guy needs a saber and what's on top of his head. The game design of the playing field is executed just fine: the board looks like a board, barbed wire looks like a wire, checkers look like checkers, Chapaev's mustache is present and of course the charming White guardsman grins maliciously. Great! Adds a lot of color to music from famous songs: «The frontline track », « Kurochkin's verses » and «The Song about the sword », many will even sing along during the game.


The application menu consists of five sections. It is worth paying attention to the item «Settings », increasing the difficulty by «Medium » or «Hard » you can add entertainment to the game, these options will affect the way of aiming. You can learn more about the rules in the section «About the program ». You can play with artificial intelligence or with your friend «Petka », the corresponding modes are designed for this «One/Two players».


In future versions of the program, I would like to see variations on the theme of «branches of the armed forces », as it happens in the present «Chapaev ». For example, if you win in the next round, the checkers are lined up in the form of Tanks (the checkers are placed in a diamond of four, with a sharp angle to the opponent), you could add a large heavy checker (general's), such innovations would add variety to the game.

(* no matter how much you play, white will still win)

When creating his debut iPhone app, developer Nikolay Verevkin counted primarily on the Russian—speaking audience, this is evident from all the elements of the game, music, design - all this can only be appreciated by people with certain historical and cultural roots. There are few such projects addressed to us by the face of the Runet.

«Ichapaeva» can be bought in the AppStore for $0.99 by clicking on this link. For Macradar readers, we have three promo codes. We will raffle them among the authors of the comments to this post. :-) A random number generator will help us in this, as usual. The names of the winners will be announced on Wednesday. Go ahead, the game is great.

UPDATED. Here are the names of the winners: Sergey (comment No. 10), Kate (No. 1) and Sergey Tugarinov (No. 7). Codes and instructions for their use have been sent to all of you, check your mailboxes. :-)

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