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About Everything Wiki » iOS » Click Deluxe 2 — simple problems (+ competition!)

Click Deluxe 2 — simple problems (+ competition!)

03 May 2023, 06:20, parser
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MacRadar has already introduced our readers to an interesting application from Deluxeware, then the review was dedicated to MegaWeather. In addition to programs from the Productivity category, casual games are widely represented in the developer's arsenal. One of them already has quite a rich history and with the release of the AppStore got the number two in the name. Welcome to Click Deluxe 2.

ClickDeluxe is a cross—platform project, its versions exist for Palm OS and the much-loved Windows Mobile by all of us, it was on these platforms that the game acquired the first fans who adored simple puzzles.


Starting the game for the first time, the task does not seem difficult, neutralize groups of figures of the same color located next door and score points, but when it comes to the remaining two or three pairs, you realize that you made an unforgivable mistake and there is nothing left in a pair of blue / red/ yellow objects. This state of affairs will soon lead to the appearance on the screen of the well-known words «Game Over ». Starting the second attempt, the player begins to evaluate his actions long before the end of the game. A beginner «deluxe clicker » can be advised to start from the bottom of the screen, preparing homogeneous blocks by the end of the batch, then move to the top and systematically remove the same type of objects going down to the base. This tactic will allow you to avoid annoying mistakes at the first levels.


In the future, the game will only get more complicated, due to the addition of new varieties to the 3 basic figures, the levels will become unbearably difficult, the gray cells will sweat over new tasks, and it will depend only on your enterprise and coldness how soon you give up — and this will certainly happen.

The game has 5 types of gameplay:

Classic is the most difficult mode in which there is no place for sentimentality, only the right moves and accurate calculation will bring you a large number of points and allow you to break through to the next level.

Advanced — a mode in which you will be given relief in the form of bonuses that can destroy a row horizontally/ vertically or all figures of a certain color in one click. In such a game it will be easier to correct your mistakes.

Timed — in this mode, it is necessary to disassemble the wall for a certain period of time, the chronometer is executed in the form of a decreasing green stripe.

Infinity — here it is necessary to reach a certain point ceiling, the complexity can vary by the minimum number of simultaneously destroyed figures.

Madness — as you have already understood, this is a crazy mode in which, just like Infinity, you need to reach the point ceiling, but in addition, various bonuses and bombs are added. With the help of all these tools, the process is fun and carefree.


If you are already approaching Anatoly Wasserman's IQ coefficient, the game can be complicated. The «Settings» section in the main menu contains various settings, including «Difficulty», increasing the complexity of the gameplay occurs by reducing the number of figures that can be removed from the field at the same time. At an easy level, these are two objects, at an average three, at a complex four. In «Settings» it is possible to change the representation of game elements, these can be balls, boxes and various variations on the theme of polyhedra. In addition, there is a volume control for sound effects, I would like to have the same slider for musical accompaniment, it is not always convenient to lower the overall volume of the phone.

The performance is at a good level, there were no crashes and errors in a few hours of use. Graphically, the game is executed without frills, but quite neatly.


At first, when finishing the next level, you do not pay attention to the background pictures at all, but there is something to look at: a butterfly, pins, a light bulb, some berries and a completely charming burenka.


If you are an ambitious person, then in any business you are engaged in, you want to see your superiority over your opponent. This opportunity will present itself to you in Click Deluxe 2. With certain investments of effort and time, your ego will be amused by the menu «Scores », at the moment the player with the uncomplicated nickname Sergey is leading in the rating, his result is 4500 points (level Hard Classic mode). While the aforementioned Anatoly has not reached this game, it is worth fighting for the first place.

The cost of the game in the AppStore is $ 0.99. Deluxeware provided our readers with 10 codes. We will play them among 10 authors of comments to this post. :-) Leave applications! The names of the winners will be announced on Tuesday.

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