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About Everything Wiki » Internet » A minted coin for 268 thousand rubles will be issued for the "Witcher"

A minted coin for 268 thousand rubles will be issued for the "Witcher"

17 Jan 2024, 12:03, parser
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Distributor of collectible coins Power Coin announced the release of several new coins at once. Among them is a limited edition silver coin for the Witcher. The images on it are inspired by The Baptism of Fire, the fifth book in the Geralt cycle.

Illustration: Power Coin

The coin itself is the size of a palm, weighs a kilogram and has an agate insert. It is noteworthy that it can be paid off: it was minted by the mint of the country of Niue, the nominal value is 50 New Zealand dollars.

Illustration: Power Coin

You can pre-order a collectible coin on the Power Coin website. It was estimated at 2,800 euros (≈267,700 rubles), and will be released on February 3. A total of 100 such coins will be available.

A week later, on February 10, a more budget silver coin based on the same book will be released — weighing 57 grams and with a face value of 5 New Zealand dollars. The scenes on it differ from the more expensive version, the insert is in the form of a copper horseshoe.

Illustration: Power Coin

A 5-dollar coin costs 370 euros (≈35,400 rubles), with a circulation of 2,000 coins.

Previously, other Niue collectible coins based on the books about the witcher Geralt were released.

"Last wish":

From left to right: gold coin (28 g), silver coin with agate insert (1 kg), silver coin with gold coating (57 g). Illustration: Power Coin

"The Sword of Destiny":

From left to right: gold coin (28 g), silver coin with gold coating and 3D glass insert (57 g). Illustration: Power Coin

"Elf Blood":

Two sides of one silver coin with a wooden insert (57 g). Illustration: Power Coin

"The Hour of Contempt":

From left to right: a silver coin with an insert of green aventurine (1 kg), a silver coin with a gold coating and a mother-of-pearl insert (57 g). Illustration: Power Coin

The design of all coins was developed jointly with Andrzej Sapkowski. Coins will probably be released in the future for the rest of the books in the series.

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