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About Everything Wiki » Internet » 8 interesting facts about the Oscar-winning film "CODA: The Child of Deaf Parents"

8 interesting facts about the Oscar-winning film "CODA: The Child of Deaf Parents"

03 May 2023, 12:38, parser
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The main award at the last Oscar ceremony was taken by the film "CODA: A Child of deaf parents". This is a very lively and touching picture of complex relationships in the family. If you have already watched it or are just about to, these 8 facts may be of interest to you.

About the name

1. CODA is a commonly accepted abbreviation in the USA Child Of Deaf Adults, which translates as a child of deaf parents.

However, "coda" is also a musical term that can mean the final passage or section of a musical composition. This meaning is also close to the main character.

Frame from the movie "CODA: Child of deaf parents"

In one of the scenes, the symbol of the musical code (an oval crossed out with a cross) can be seen on a sheet that was issued by the singing teacher Bernarodo Villalobos.

About actors

2. The film is based on the French film "The Underwear Family" (2014). However, deaf family members were played by hearing people in it, which caused a negative reaction from critics and viewers. In CODA, everything is different — all three of the Rossi family are actually hard of hearing.

Frame from the movie "CODA: Child of deaf parents"

Marley Matlin lost her hearing in early childhood after an illness, and Troy Kotsur and Daniel Duran have not heard since birth.

3. Troy Kotsur, who played the father of the family, became the first deaf actor to receive an Oscar, after Marley Matlin, his partner in the film. She received the same statuette for her role in the drama "Children of Silence" back in 1986. Yes, 36 years ago, and now she is 56 years old.

4. Emilia Jones, who played the main role in the film, studied sign language (amslen) for nine months, took singing lessons and learned how to operate a fishing trawler.

Frame from the movie "CODA: Child of deaf parents"

About the debut

5. After the debut of CODA at the Sundance Film Festival in 2021, Apple bought the distribution rights to the film for $ 25 million. At that time, it was a record for paintings from this site.

The previous leader was the tape "Hang out in Palm Springs", the rights to which were bought for about $ 22 million.

About the main "Oscar"

6. The purchase of the rights to CODA made Apple TV+ the first streaming service whose film won the main Oscar. Netflix, HBO and other services have not yet conquered this peak.

7. CODA is the sixth picture in the history of the Oscar, which won the award for best film, but was not nominated for best director. Before her, such were: "Green Book" (2018), "Operation Argo" (2012), "Miss Daisy's Chauffeur" (1989), "Grand Hotel" (1932) and "Wings" (1927).

8. Also, CODA is the first film in 90 years that received less than 4 Oscar nominations, but won the main award. The previous such film, "Grand Hotel" (1932), was presented in only one nomination at all (and won it).

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