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15 ways to spend a 5-minute break usefully

02 May 2023, 10:09, parser
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What do we do when we are standing in traffic, waiting for an order in a restaurant or sitting in a queue? That's right: we take out our smartphones and check the mail or open the news feed.

Neither the first nor the second brings either joy or benefit. But we don't give up. Why? Psychologists see the reason that in the XXI century e-mail and social networks are the leading communication channels. What if the world has suffered an apocalypse, and I still don't know?

We offer you an alternative — 15 ways to spend a 5-minute break really productively.

1. Work on Bucket List

Bucket List is a list of what you need to do in life (remember the movie "Until I played in the box"?). Making such a list is not only fascinating (when was the last time you asked yourself, "What do I want?"), but also useful, because dreams tend to turn into plans.

2. Listen to your favorite music

Let it be, What a Wonderful World or Is This Love — do you have a favorite song? Listen to it the next time you ride in the elevator (headphones will save others from culture shock). These 3-5 minutes will give you a positive charge for the next few hours.

3. See your favorite photos

Another way to charge the internal battery of goodness is to look through your favorite photos. Here's a son smeared with porridge, and here you are with a friend at the rink. Photos are memories, they bring us back to the best moments of life and inspire us to new achievements.

4. Read

Many people like to read in a calm atmosphere at a specially designated time. But you can do it anywhere (we are looking through the mail). Download a good book to your phone and read 1-2 pages every time you have a free minute. Too little to focus and delve into the narrative? Try short stories or poems.

5. Watch the tutorial videos

Another way to become a little smarter is to watch not jokes on YouTube, but really useful videos (don't forget about headphones!). For example, the microlections of the Khan Academy (mathematics, history, physics, biology, computer science — everyone will find something of their own).

6. Write SMS

Short text messages a la "Hello! How are you?" it's almost vulgarity today. Probably because they are often written by people who really don't care about you and the state of your affairs. But you take and write to a really close person — a friend, spouse or mom. Wish them a good day or tell them how much you love them.

7. Write letters

An institute friend's birthday is coming soon and you will probably forget to congratulate him, spinning in business? Write a congratulation while you are slowly moving to the checkout in the hypermarket (most mail services allow you to send "letters to the future"). A couple of sentences, five minutes — and the person will be pleased.

8. Keep a diary

Seriously. So what if you're an adult uncle (or aunt) with a bunch of problems? Psychologists have proved: splashing out internal experiences on paper (or in a smartphone) reduces stress and helps to restore order in life.

9. Warm up

A straight back, a deep breath, circular movements of the head … A five—minute break is a great reason to stretch your body stiff from sitting at the computer.

10. Train

From warm-up to more serious exercises. Do push-ups, squat or swing your biceps (a pack of paper will do as a dumbbell) while you wait 5-10 minutes for the meeting to begin.

11. Take care of your eyesight

How many hours a day do you spend at a computer monitor or buried in a mobile gadget? This is a serious strain on the eyes. Do not plant your vision even harder by doing the same during forced breaks. It is better to do palming and other exercises to improve vision.

12. Plan

Study your work calendar, make a to-do list. Perhaps it will even help you to carve out some free time (for example, if you group some cases or meetings).

13. Make a personal to-do list

We are scrupulous in work matters, but not in personal matters. That is why it is important to keep a to-do list, where tasks aimed at personal growth will be collected ("finish reading Marquez", "enroll in the pool" and so on). A trip to the subway is a great opportunity to compile such a list.

14. Take photos

Post. What could be more boring than this subject? But, standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus, try to look at it differently: for example, through the lens of a camera. Take a few pictures, each time trying to show a pillar (an urn, a bush, an advertising billboard) from an unusual side. Learn the basic principles, experiment with angles and lighting (this is how Instagram "masterpieces" are born*).

15. Draw

Even if you don't know how. Just take out a notebook, a pen and let your imagination run wild. Drawing is one of Leonardo da Vinci's creative secrets. The great artist and scientist thus developed the imagination.

And what do you do not to get bored during short breaks?

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