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About Everything Wiki » Inspiration » 8 quotes from Nikola Tesla

8 quotes from Nikola Tesla

02 May 2023, 10:07, parser
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One of the greatest engineers was born 157 years ago, on July 10, 1856. During his lifetime, the fame of his inventions often went to others, but history puts everything in its place. Perhaps this was best expressed in his eulogy to the scientist by the American politician Fiorello LaGuardia, who was the mayor of New York at the time of Tesla's death: "Tesla is really not dead. Only his poor body became immobile. The real, most important part of Tesla lives in his achievements, which are truly great, almost incalculable and have become an integral part of our civilization, our everyday life." On the occasion of Nikola Tesla's birthday, we have compiled a small list of his statements about various aspects of life.

1. About future technologies

Nikola Tesla Quotes

Soon it will be possible to transmit messages wirelessly around the world, which will be so simple that everyone will be able to carry their own device for this and control it.

2. About patience and planning

Nikola Tesla Quotes

This is the problem of many inventors: they lack patience. They lack the willpower to work something out in their mind slowly, clearly and clearly, so that they can feel exactly how it will work. They want to test the first idea that comes to mind right away, and as a result they spend a lot of money and a lot of good material, only to find out by experience that they are working in the wrong direction. We all make mistakes, and it's better to make them before you start doing something.

3. About his legacy

Nikola Tesla Quotes

Time will tell what the result of my research will be. But whatever it may be, and whatever it may lead to, I will be more than satisfied if future generations recognize that I have contributed my share, certainly a small one, to the development of science.

4. About individualism and humanity

Speaking about a person, we also represent humanity as a whole, and applying scientific methods to an individual, this physical fact should be taken into account. But can anyone doubt today that all these millions of individuals, infinite types and characters make up a single whole?

Despite the freedom of will and action, we are held together like stars in the firmament, united by indissoluble bonds. These bonds are invisible, but we can feel them. I cut my finger and it's bleeding: this finger is a part of me. I see the pain of a friend and this pain hurts me too: we are one with a friend. And watching a defeated enemy, even one that I would regret the least in the whole universe, I still feel grief. Doesn't this prove that we are all just a part of a single whole?

5. About extravagance

Nikola Tesla Quotes

We build to destroy. Most of our labors and resources have been squandered. Our march forward is marked by devastation. Everywhere is just a terrifying waste of time, effort and life. A bleak but true picture.

6. About neatness

Nikola Tesla Quotes

Everyone should consider his body a priceless gift from those he loves above all, a magnificent work of art. The indescribable beauty, the mystery that lies in the design of human existence is so subtle that even a word, a breath, a glance, even a thought can damage it. Untidiness, which multiplies illness and death, is not just self-destructive, but also an incredibly immoral habit.

7. About those who appropriated his inventions

Nikola Tesla Quotes

Let the future tell the truth and evaluate everyone in accordance with his works and achievements. The present belongs to them; the future, for which I really worked, belongs to me.

8. About the secrets of life

Nikola Tesla Quotes

Life is and always will be an equation that cannot be solved, even though it contains several known factors.

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