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About Everything Wiki » Inspiration » 7 reasons to take up Photography and Radically Change Your Life

7 reasons to take up Photography and Radically Change Your Life

29 Jan 2024, 00:00, parser
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Pedro Quintela
History teacher, member of the 500px photography community.

1. You will be able to become a part of the global community

By posting your pictures online, you give the whole world a chance to look at them. This allows you to connect with many photographers, improve your knowledge of different languages, make new friends and start traveling more. The planet is full of wonderful people who will be happy to give you useful advice and whose work you can be inspired by.

2. You will be able to capture amazing moments forever

When you upload pictures to the Internet or print them on paper, you not only save a piece of history, but also share it with others. Your photos can make other people smile and let them enjoy a moment from the past once again.

Today, when smartphones and cameras are available to everyone, we no longer have an excuse not to share what is happening around us.

3. You will be able to see the world anew
While doing photography, you begin to pay attention to small details, see beauty in simple things, notice the play of light and shadow. The world around you becomes something completely different for you, appears in a new light.

4. You will increase your self-esteem

Over time, your pictures will get better and better, and it will make you feel proud. By uploading photos to the Network, you will receive pleasant feedback about the work done. Thanks to this, your self-esteem will improve and you will want to continue to develop, as well as look for new approaches to shooting.

Of course, the Internet is full of those who like out of habit. But there will always be people who will give you constructive feedback to help you improve.

5. You will feel better mentally

By taking up landscape photography and learning how to tell stories through images, I discovered something in my life that I hadn't noticed before.

I remember well one day when I was filming the lake at sunset. I had almost never walked alone before, and it became a kind of spiritual awakening for me.

When I feel particularly bad, I just take my camera and go outside. It brings me peace of mind. When you do what you truly love, your mind relaxes and worries go away.

6. You will have the opportunity to build a career

There is a lot of competition in the field of photography, so not everyone will want to do this on a professional level. Nevertheless, if you have unusual ideas, some special view of the world around you, then you can achieve a lot.

As a teacher myself, I believe that there are many ways to build a career in photography. If you have the skills and passion for this business, then why not try to start making money from it?

7. You will strengthen the bond with your family

In such a selfish era as ours, photography is a great opportunity to establish relationships with family. You can create situations yourself that will bring joy to you and your loved ones.

If you have children or even pets, you can effortlessly capture the connection with them through the camera lens. Personally, I'm always looking for an opportunity to make my soulmate the main character of my stories. Moreover, thanks to this, she also had a desire to take up photography.

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