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About Everything Wiki » Inspiration » How to develop in a creative profession if it seems that you have reached the ceiling

How to develop in a creative profession if it seems that you have reached the ceiling

26 May 2023, 12:01, parser
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How to understand that you are standing still

It seems that representatives of the liberal professions, deprived of the burden of a tight schedule and endless reports, are envied by all office workers. But on the reverse side of such a life is an irregular schedule and the need to regularly give out fresh creativity. And there may be difficulties with him. Is it time to go on vacation? Or has the muse already gone into it and is not going to return? Most likely, this is a creative crisis, and it happens not only among bohemian artists. This condition has specific signs Suffering from an art block? Here are a few tips to overcome it / BenHeine :

  • Errors in the work have become more frequent. And colleagues and management pay attention to them.
  • There is no motivation to create a new one. It seems that everything ingenious has been invented for a long time.
  • I constantly want to procrastinate. The brain throws up a million reasons not to get to work.
  • The feeling of depression does not leave. As a result, you don't create anything and constantly blame yourself for it.

It also happens the other way around. There is a lot of energy and ideas, but it is unclear where to put them. Perhaps no one appreciates your talent at work, or you have to work in a strictly defined framework. In such a situation, motivation to get better and achieve new goals will most likely not appear.

Where to direct creative potential

So, you are at a dead end. The good news is that it can be overcome. Experts recommend not to throw The Creativity Crisis and What You Can Do About It / Psychology Today creativity, and if the main job has stopped pleasing at all, then switch to something new. Here are a few possible options.

1. Online platforms

Image: antoniodiaz / Shutterstock

It can even be a blog in which you will prove yourself as a cool specialist. A pumped-up personal brand is useful not only for creativity, but also for the financial situation. A person whose talent is known only by a few friends will agree to a boring job faster. And a popular influencer in its niche can afford to wait for interesting and expensive projects, while simultaneously earning money from advertising.

At first, it may seem that in a state of crisis it is not up to creating content. What is there to talk about with the audience if resources are already at zero and all you want is to go to a remote village and never be online again? The subject matter of the content is important, but you should not focus only on it. You need to prepare for the publication of the first post. To do this:

  • Decide on the format. Videos, podcasts, longreads, a page on an industry platform — any of these options will have to be sorted out.
  • Choose a genre. You may want to go into expert opinion, engage in thematic reviews or dive into humor.
  • Find a suitable platform. For example, VKontakte is the most popular Media consumption in 2022 / Mediascope social network in Russia: 80% of the population uses it at least once a month. It sounds cool, but if you throw away those who came to listen to music, get stuck in online games and look through memes, it becomes clear that analytical articles about the media market may not come here. It is better to redirect them to less comprehensive, but more relevant sites.

2. Community

Image: Anel Alijagic / Shutterstock

There are professional communities among home confectioners and among theater directors. It is useful to meet with them from time to time to exchange ideas and get support.

Studying can also help in this. Feel free to attend workshops or participate in webinars. If you have a "creative idol", it makes sense to enroll in courses with him or ask for an internship. The reverse situation can also spur creativity. Scientists from China conducted an experiment How Does Mentoring Affect the Creative Performance of Mentors: The Role of Personal Learning and Career Stage / Frontiers in Psychology . They observed the training of employees by more experienced colleagues at 15 different enterprises. It turned out that mentoring improves the creative activity of teachers. So, if fate throws you a chance to share your professional experience, do not miss it.

Another way to join the community and make yourself known is industry competitions. They can be used to communicate with colleagues, and sometimes to win money. For example, now there is acceptance of applications for the next season of the ArtMaster championship. The prize fund is 23.7 million rubles. Designers, music video makers, composers, directors, sound designers, artists, cameramen, make‑up artists and a dozen representatives of different professions are invited to compete.

3. Business

There is a stereotype that creative natures are not able to solve serious issues. But statistics prove the opposite. For example, the volume of global exports of creative goods and services exceeds Creative Economy Outlook 2022 / UNCTAD $1.5 billion a year. Creative industries are called drivers of the economy because they create jobs and bring considerable income. Opening your own business is one of the logical stages of creative development. Especially when a job for hire does not give either the desired level of implementation, or pleasant figures in the bank account.

The first steps in business should start with the concept of the future brand. To do this, you need to answer three simple questions in as much detail as possible:

  • What is missing in the market?
  • What will be the product or service?
  • Who is the potential client?

Then you have to think through the details and dive into business planning. This is a difficult but necessary stage. And it doesn't matter what exactly you are going to open: a tiny company for the production of craft soap or a huge recording studio. You will have to figure out how income differs from revenue, what marginality and break‑even point are, which business model is right for you.

4. Related industries

Image: GaudiLab / Shutterstock

Vertical growth does not attract everyone. The choreographer may not like the role of the owner of his own dance school simply because most of the time he will have to do routine things: pay rent, count salaries, look for new clients. In a string of organizational issues, the creative fuse is likely to go out. In this case, it is worth trying to expand the competencies.

Let's say you create advertising layouts at your main job. At first, you offer bold ideas, try to follow global trends, but after a while you inevitably become an ordinary master of reading briefings and making edits. The sphere of advertising still attracts you, but it is in your specialty that it has already become cramped. Try switching to related ones, such as product design, copywriting, SMM. When you feel a little more confident in your new field, start collecting a portfolio. Who knows, perhaps this is the beginning of an unexpected turn of your professional path.

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