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About Everything Wiki » Inspiration » 5 design projects that take less than 5 minutes to create

5 design projects that take less than 5 minutes to create

03 May 2023, 16:32, parser
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Pierre Lota is a designer and with experience. He creates incredible things from ordinary improvised means: shoe boxes, a piece of plastic sheet, paper, cardboard… Anyone can repeat his projects; the main thing is that there would be a desire. However, it is worth paying tribute to Pierre: his rich imagination, non-standard view of things and ability to handle a variety of materials.

Naturally, Pierre has many different design projects. 5 of them deserve special attention and are presented in this post. And they got into this TOP largely because it takes no more than 5 minutes to make them.

Magazine shelf

Just look at what this designer is doing! Bravo for such a creative approach to the use of old magazines. Cut here, fold there, unfold and fasten — that's ready shelf for magazines and books.

5 design projects that take less than 5 minutes

Wall lamp

On cold autumn and winter evenings, I want something warm, light and gentle. Why not create a suitable atmosphere with an unusual lamp? Moreover, it can be done in 1 minute!

5 design projects that take less than 5 minutes

Futuristic vase

A good idea for Valentine's Day, March 8 or any other day when you need to quickly decorate the house with handy materials. For this about-everything.Even plain A4 paper is suitable for the wiki project.

Futuristic vase ©Pierre Lot

You just need a sheet of paper or cardboard and make incisions in a special way. We take an ordinary bottle and put a paper construction made on it. Oh, a miracle! The bottle suddenly turns into a futuristic vase :)

5 design projects that take less than 5 minutes to create

Coffee table with bottle legs

Are there a lot of wine bottles left from the last party? Pierre suggests not to throw them away, but to use them for a good cause — to make a very interesting DIY project, where they can just be applied. You will need: a piece of wooden board (possibly from a broken stool after the party :), 4 bottles with stoppers and screws.

5 design projects that take less than 5 minutes

Coffee table-stool

Well, finally, a little physics. Let's recall a classic example: it is easy to break a twig, but the whole broom is almost impossible. Only we do not have brooms, but glossy magazines, which we strongly recommend that you stop reading immediately. It is better to keep them away from the head and make a reliable mini-table, which can also be a stool.

5 design projects that take less than 5 minutes

And how do you use unnecessary magazines, boards and other things that have served their time — just throw away, store or use in everyday life? It will be interesting to read your comments on this issue.

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