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About Everything Wiki » Health » Counting sheep: how to fall asleep easily and simply?

Counting sheep: how to fall asleep easily and simply?

02 May 2023, 07:04, parser
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If you are reading this text, then most likely you are friends with high technology and are not friends with sleep. I can assure you, your humble servant also suffers from this. A familiar situation: you work until ten o'clock in the evening and you begin to feel sleepy. Then the body's natural need is quenched by caffeine or an energy drink. And that's it, at midnight you are awake, the night passes quickly. Morning is coming — it's time for work. The usual vicious circle. If you want to achieve efficiency from yourself, you urgently need to organize your sleep. And the problem hinders this — the inability to fall asleep. Sometimes, going to the kingdom of Morpheus is really difficult. Lifehacker will try to make this task easier for you.


There is a necessary minimum of actions necessary for a healthy sleep.

— do not take sleeping pills
— don't go to bed until you want to sleep
— get up at the same time every day
— avoid watching TV, reading books in bed before going to bed. If you like to read or watch movies before going to bed, then do it in a chair, not in bed
— do not eat or drink anything caffeine-containing before going to bed
— avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed. It relaxes at first, of course, but in the future it can lead to insomnia
— spend more time outside, in the fresh air

This, of course, is possible. However, let's focus on the ways and methods of falling asleep. Here are some tips that will really help you fall asleep faster:


This method is essentially based on meditation. However, in order to try it, you do not need to delve into Buddhist practices. The algorithm of falling asleep is as follows:

— Clearly imagine that you see five objects from your room. Say to yourself: «I am aware of what I see…». For example, «I realize that I see a laptop».
— Do the same with the sounds. Speak out «I realize that I hear the noise of cars passing outside the window».
— Now the sensations. «I realize that I feel the softness of my favorite pillow.».

Then, repeat the algorithm in a circle, each time shortening the sequence by one object, sound, one sensation. Most likely, when you have two items left, you will fall asleep.

Hot milk

Before sending to Morpheus, drink some warm milk. Preferably with honey. Quite a bit, literally a small glass. Go to bed and even if you can't sleep after that, try the following method.

Stop thinking

It would seem — pretty stupid to force yourself to sleep by turning off your brain. How not to try — to completely stop thinking is very difficult. However, there is one way to get everything out of your head. Imagine that your head is a vase or some other container, and your thoughts are crumpled pieces of paper in it. As soon as you catch yourself thinking about something, visualize the thought as a piece of paper and throw it away. After a few minutes, the thoughts will still end. Checked.

There are many more ways to fall asleep, such as counting imaginary sheep or even breathing. But the most effective and original ways from this post — you probably haven't tried. And nothing prevents you from falling asleep today, throwing imaginary pieces of paper out of your head.

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