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About Everything Wiki » Health » Do I need to use dental floss and how to do it correctly

Do I need to use dental floss and how to do it correctly

28 May 2023, 12:00, parser
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What is dental floss for

It helps to get rid of the bacterial film accumulating in the interdental spaces. From the chewing, external and internal surfaces of the teeth, the film can be removed with a brush, if all the rules are followed Brushing Your Teeth / Mouth Healthy and brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. With the side surfaces, everything is more difficult: using a brush to get into the tight space between the teeth will not work.

If the bacterial film is not removed in a timely manner, it is capable of Tooth plaque / Great Ormond Street Hospital harden and turn into tartar, which is not so easy to get rid of at home. In addition to aesthetic inconveniences, in the future there is a risk of encountering Teeth & Gum Care / Cleveland Clinic with gum inflammation and the appearance of caries: food particles can accumulate in the interdental spaces — this is a real feast for bacteria. Insufficient care about oral hygiene is associated with Bad toothbrushing habits tied to higher heart risk / American Heart Association and with an increased probability of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Dental floss will be just right here. With its help, it will be possible to thoroughly clean the side surface of the teeth, remove plaque and prevent the occurrence of a bad smell Bad breath / NHS mouth and the development of problems Gum disease / NHS with gums.

How to choose the right dental floss

You can find a convenient option experimentally, but first you should try a waxed thread. It is lighter Types of Dental Floss: Which is Right for You? / Solstice slides, so it may be easier for beginners to handle it. If the teeth are cramped, it is better to choose the option without a wax coating — as a rule, such threads are thinner than waxed ones. But you need to handle them carefully, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the gum.

You can also try disposable machines in which the thread is fixed to the handle. This option may be suitable in the case when it is not possible to get close to the distant teeth with a conventional thread.

Those who wear braces or dentures, it is better not to experiment, but immediately contact the dentist. He will help you choose a suitable method of cleaning your teeth — perhaps it will not be a thread, but an irrigator. By the way, these options are convenient Is it more effective to floss teeth with a water pick or standard dental floss? / Mayo Clinic combine: the irrigator will remove food particles stuck in the teeth, and the thread will clean the side surfaces from plaque.

How to use dental floss

The interdental spaces are enough Floss/Interdental Cleaners / American Dental Association pass the thread once a day. It is better to do this before brushing your teeth — this will work Dental Plaque / Cleveland Clinic remove more plaque. It is important to remember that flossing will not replace a full—fledged cleansing - it is an addition to traditional brushing.

If there is no time to mess with the thread in the morning or evening, you can Floss/Interdental Cleaners / American Dental Association use it during the day. This is the case when the regularity of the procedure is important, and not the time at which you spend it.

Here's how to clear 1. 5 Steps to a Flawless Floss / Mouth Healthy
2. Why should I use dental floss? / NHS
the space between the teeth with a thread:

  1. Take a piece of thread about 45 centimeters long and wind it on your index or middle fingers.
  2. Pinch between your thumbs and forefingers a section of thread about 2.5 centimeters long — this will be its working part.
  3. Gently wiggle the thread into the gap between the teeth to the gum level. Make sure that the thread does not cut into the gum.
  4. Pull the thread aside so that it lies around the tooth in the shape of the letter "C". Gently run the thread along the side surface of the tooth in the direction from the gum, as if scraping off the plaque.
  5. Repeat this on the other side of the interdental gap to clean the adjacent tooth.
  6. Do this procedure with all the teeth, gradually unwinding the clean sections of the thread.

Done, the raid is defeated, and the thread can be thrown out. You do not need to use the same segment repeatedly — it can Floss/Interdental Cleaners / American Dental Association bacteria accumulate.

A short video tutorial will help you learn how to work with a thread:

It is better not to pull the stuck thread with all your might — this way you can damage the gum. The movements should be smooth and unhurried. At first, the procedure may seem a little uncomfortable — this is normal Flossing / Mouth Healthy , in a couple of weeks it will be possible to get used to a new way of cleansing. If the process causes pain, and the gums bleed at the same time, it is worth contacting a dentist: he will help you understand whether you are using the correct cleansing technique.

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