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About Everything Wiki » Health » Counting calories and steps, competing with friends with Fitbit Zip

Counting calories and steps, competing with friends with Fitbit Zip

22 May 2023, 13:16, parser
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Fitbit Zip is another interesting device that can quite compete with Fuel from Nike+. It's small and convenient, it costs less, and it has plenty of different functions that help keep track of calories and physical activity throughout the day.

And, most importantly, the mobile app has no "racial preferences" ;)


  • Counts calories burned.
  • Counts the steps.
  • Measures the distance traveled.
  • Automatically syncs with desktop and mobile applications (signal in the mobile application and e-mail 1 time per week).
  • It can be used for competitions with friends.
  • Monitors your progress and informs you about new achievements.
  • Data from FitBit Zip can be exported to Endomondo, MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper.
  • Builds graphs of your achievements in desktop and mobile applications.

There you can also track your food and the amount of water you drink per day and monitor your weight. Thanks to its rather extensive database, the application will take into account the number of calories consumed and, based on the data obtained about your physical activity, will show exactly how much you lack to achieve the set goals.

You can wear this device on a belt or on pants / skirt. A separate option for girls — it can be attached to a wall lamp and, in theory, it should not interfere. I think this option is only suitable for very loose clothing.

I'm even thinking about buying it. The official store delivers only to the USA and Canada, but it can be bought on our websites, though a little more expensive :)

Fitbit | App Store Free

Fitbit | Google Play Free

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