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How to deal with the consequences of hard work

04 May 2023, 08:47, parser
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Recycling entails a lot of problems, both physical and psychological. Everyone finds their own explanations for such a situation: a good company, high income, and so on. However, it is unlikely that even the most interesting work is actually more interesting than your own psychological state, and it is impossible to create a monetary equivalent to your health at all.

How to deal with the consequences of hard work

We will talk about the main problems associated with excessive employment and try to find solutions to these problems.

I work more than 40 hours a week

Increasing the number of working hours negatively affects your entire life. Anyway, there are only 24 hours in a day, and every extra hour spent at work takes away an hour spent with family, friends, at your favorite activity, for which you just relax and unwind. Working too much, you stop having time to do many other things. As a result, to the increasing exhaustion that inevitably comes and accumulates, irritation on the basis of "I don't have time for anything" is added. By reducing working hours, you will not only allow yourself to reduce daily fatigue, but in general you will be able to improve the quality of life.

If the management forces you to work overtime, it is necessary to speak directly and correctly about the current situation. Ask to reduce the number of working hours for you. Perhaps, in response, there will be a counter-offer to reduce the salary. Weigh all the pros and cons of the prospect that has appeared, and then make a decision. A good argument would be the fact that extra working hours reduce your productivity, and fatigue accumulates, which over a long period of time leads to an increasing decrease in your efficiency. If your condition is important to the management, they can make a decision in your favor. If you are perceived as a robot that can be forced to work hard without thinking about the consequences for his condition, then think about changing jobs. After all, it's your health.

I don't get enough sleep

Unfortunately, for many people, not getting enough sleep has become the norm. It seems to us that our body can adapt to any schedule. This is especially true for young people who think that they have an iron health that nothing can shake. During the months of such a life, a person's mental state can change significantly. Perhaps you yourself will not notice any changes, but the people around you can feel it, and on yourself. This includes both increased irritability and a permanently bad mood. The symptoms are individual for each person, but the risk of filling your entire consciousness with one endless depression is great. The consequences of such a lifestyle are also individual. Someone gets drunk, someone changes so much in character that close people stop recognizing him, and someone gets to a psychiatrist.

There are lucky people who can fall asleep almost immediately after they go to bed. Someone needs time to fall asleep. You know yourself well and the approximate amount of time it takes you to get into the world of dreams. It follows that when planning a day, you need to allocate the hours you need to sleep to get enough sleep + time to fall asleep. An excellent advice would be to give up work activities at least an hour before going to bed. It is much better to spend this hour lying in the same bed. If you have obvious problems falling asleep, it does not hurt to consult a doctor.

It's so stressful!

Stress has become an almost constant companion of modern man. The rhythm of life is accelerating. We are in a hurry, trying to do a thousand things in a day, while not forgetting about a thousand more things that need to be done tomorrow. And then there are household chores and family.

Breathing exercises and yoga are a good way to get rid of stress. They do not require much time and give a good result. And the most important rule: do not allow yourself to get hung up on thoughts that generate stress. Remember, every minute during which you just keep the thought of a particular problem in your head without trying to find a way to solve it is useless time. There are many ways to relieve stress on the web. Try some of them, focus on those that are most effective for you and do not contradict the law.

Colleagues do nothing and generally infuriate

Every person can face a situation when there is a person in the team who annoys him. First you need to understand why a person causes you negativity. Perhaps the problem is not really in him, but in you. Even under the abstract concept of "personal dislike" there are specific reasons that we often simply cannot detect. Try to identify these reasons and analyze them. If there are obvious irritating moments in a person's behavior, try to talk to him about it. Perhaps he does not specifically aim to infuriate everyone around him and you in particular and simply does not know what causes negativity in others. If the conversation ended to no avail, you can always report the problem to the management.

Another situation often arises with people who take their work very seriously. Sometimes it comes to fanaticism. It begins to seem to a person that he is working tirelessly, and everyone around him is doing nothing. If you catch yourself thinking this, then ask yourself the question: what goal are you pursuing by working at this pace? And then see if that "slacker" copes with his tasks? If yes, then he is doing everything right, but you should reread the previous paragraphs and think about yourself.

I don't even take a vacation

Some may even be proud of it. In fact, the ability to work for years without a vacation is not so useful for you. Perhaps you just don't notice fatigue, but fatigue does not disappear from it. Some people tend to have a certain sense of guilt in front of the company and management when they want to take a vacation. You shouldn't feel guilty, because you deserve it. Even if you can't afford a vacation abroad, you can have a great rest almost everywhere, you just need to connect creativity and disable the pattern of thinking "you can only have a good rest there."

Work to the detriment of the figure

Not every one of us does sports. In combination with a sedentary lifestyle, chronic lack of sleep and poor nutrition, this can lead to extra pounds. It seems to us that we simply do not have time for any exercises, and this fits perfectly into our tendency to come up with an excuse for not doing something. In fact, you can always find time for sports. Just 20 minutes is enough to warm up properly. Even ordinary walks help to avoid the accumulation of extra pounds.

Tell us, which of these problems do you face in the course of your work? How do you deal with them?

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