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About Everything Wiki » Health » Weight loss exercises: 8 fifteen-minute workouts

Weight loss exercises: 8 fifteen-minute workouts

03 May 2023, 19:00, parser
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It's not the first time I've read the opinions of experts who say that it's not necessary to work for hours in the gym to maintain a good shape. If you combine weight loss exercises correctly at the right pace, fifteen minutes will be quite enough.

It sounds very tempting for everyone who is busy at work from dawn to dawn. Really?

Exercises for every day: 8 fifteen-minute workouts

These exercises were developed by a woman for women, and I am not sure that they will be useful to men. Perhaps for beginners who are taking their first steps on the treadmill in a sports club.

Nikki Anderson, a personal trainer and owner of a sports club, believes that a mix of full-body exercises with cardio exercises without a break for fifteen minutes will help you be in pretty good physical shape.

Training scheme

Your workout should consist of three five-minute sessions. Each five-minute session consists of 30 seconds of cardio (running on the spot, jumping rope, just jumping, etc.). The rest of the time (4 minutes 30 seconds) you perform some kind of exercise for the body. As a result, you get a set of three different exercises for different parts of the body and a cardio workout.

I have been doing interval exercises in the fitness club for 45 minutes — so far this is the most difficult exercise, after which every muscle is felt in the body.

Lower Body: Climber

The emphasis is on straight arms, the back is straight, the stomach is retracted. Quickly change your legs with your knee to your stomach, as if you are running up, raising your knees high. Try to do the exercise at the fastest pace available to you.

how to be in shape using 15 workouts

Lower body: squats with jumps

Hand behind the head, elbows to the side, feet shoulder width apart. Squat and gently jump up, pushing off with the whole foot, and not just with your socks.

effective exercises

Lower body: step with a lunge on the stairs

To perform this exercise, you will need a ladder or step. Take a step with your right foot on the step, move your left foot forward and hold it with your knee raised for a few seconds. Then you return the left leg to the starting position, and with the right you lunge back with a deep squat. It is advisable to do 10 repetitions on one leg.

home exercises

Housing: Movable bar

The emphasis is on straight arms, the back is straight, the stomach is retracted. Transfer the weight to the right hand and turn the body and legs completely to the left side, the left arm is raised up perpendicular to the floor. In this position, you stay for 5-10 seconds, then return to the starting position and do the exercise on your left hand.

During the change of hands, try to keep a straight line in the body, the body should remain in constant tension.

fitness for home

Body: Bicycle

Lie on your back, hands behind your head, elbows to the sides, shoulder blades raised. Lift straight legs at an angle of 45 degrees from the floor. The right leg is straight, the left knee stretches to meet the right elbow. Then there is a change of legs — this is one repetition.

At the same time, the straight leg should always be at least approximately at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor, and the chin should not be pressed against the neck. Otherwise, after the exercise, it will not be your abs that hurt, but your neck, since you will support the upper part of the body not with a press, but with your neck. It is advisable to do 20 repetitions.

exercises how to lose weight at home

Upper body: side lifts

Lie on your right side, knees bent, legs together (especially feet). You wrap your right arm around your waist, and put your left hand on the floor in front of you. Lift the upper part of the body up, trying not to lean heavily on the arm. Then slowly, without dropping the body, lie down on the floor. It is advisable to perform 10-15 repetitions on one side.

Complication #1: the position is almost the same, but the arm does not hug the waist, but is bent at the elbow and wound behind the back of the head, legs are straightened. Lifts are complicated by simultaneous lifting of the upper body and straight leg. That is, if you are lying on your right side, lift your left leg up. Then the body and leg slowly, with force, return to their place.

Complication #2: when performing the exercise on the right side, the left leg constantly remains raised up, the right leg rises to the left simultaneously with the lifting of the body.

Complication #3: both legs rise up simultaneously with the lifting of the body. At the same time, the legs are tightly pressed against each other. If desired, you can add weight on one or both legs.

lower body exercises

Upper Body: Push-ups in the pose «Dog head down»

Stand in the pose of the dog with your head down, legs and back straight, arms slightly wider than the width of the shoulders. You start doing push-ups, bending your elbows to the side, the forehead stretches to the floor. Then straighten your arms.

leg lifts, home exercises

Upper Body: Push-ups for triceps

Standard push-ups for triceps. Girls perform from the knees, men — as always :). The back is straight, the stomach is retracted, we hold the lower back. The arms are tightly pressed to the body. Starting position — emphasis on straight arms at shoulder width. During push-ups, the elbows are clearly pulled back, not to the sides.

push-ups for girls

Choose exercises and go ahead ;)

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