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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » The 10 Best Debit Cards with Free Service

The 10 Best Debit Cards with Free Service

26 Jan 2024, 12:02, parser
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What is a debit card

This is a card with which you can pay only with your own money in your account.

What criteria are used to evaluate debit cards

This material contains maps with free maintenance. But this is not the only important criterion that may be of interest. To find the best deals, we also took into account the following factors:

  • The payment system. Until February 2022, Visa, Mastercard and the domestic "World" were popular. But with the latter, there were difficulties when shopping abroad and on foreign websites. The situation is different now. Visa and Mastercard issued in the Russian Federation work only within the country. And "Peace" can be paid in other countries, for example, in Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan. Or withdraw money from ATMs in these countries.
  • Cashback and bonuses. If the card allows you to get any preferences, this automatically makes it more attractive.
  • Accrual of interest on the balance.
  • The reliability of the bank and its position in the ratings.

Which debit cards with free service are the most attractive

This is not a rating, but a list, so the order of the offers does not matter. At the time of publication, the maintenance of these cards is free of charge, without any conditions.

1. "Alpha‑The card" from Alfa‑Bank


Cardholders are awarded cashback of 1% for everything and another 5% in three categories to choose from. They promise to return up to 33% of expenses for purchases from partners. The maximum cashback amount is 5,000 rubles per month.

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2. "Mir" from Raiffeisenbank

Cashback of 1.5% is accrued on all purchases, and with a subscription — 2%, which are then returned in rubles to the card. The package promises free insurance, which also applies to spouses.

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3. Opencard from "Discovery"

The loyalty program can be selected each month from several options:

  • 2% for purchases in supermarkets, restaurants and transport;
  • 1% on all expenses and up to 10% in three individual categories that the bank itself will select for you;
  • 5% for housing and communal services payments via the app or mobile banking and 1% for everything else;
  • 1% on everything, including payment by QR code (the latter may be important, since it is considered a transfer and usually banks do not charge cashback for such expenses).

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4. "Mir" from VTB

They promise a 10% cashback on everything in the first two months and 2% later on spending on transport and taxis, cafes and restaurants, supermarkets. However, we are not talking about rubles, but about bonuses that can be spent on goods and services within the framework of the Multibonus bank program. They can be used to pay for purchases or exchanged for rubles at the rate of 1 point = 85 kopecks. No more than 2 thousand multibonds will be credited per month.

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5. My Life from the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development

There is a cashback of up to 5% in three categories to choose from and up to 35% from partner expenses. By subscription, you can receive a 5% refund on online purchases.

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6. "Own card" from the Russian Agricultural Bank

In general, this card can be issued in rubles, dollars, euros and yuan in the payment systems "Mir", UnionPay. But for free — only the ruble "World". The cashback system is allowed to be selected. One option is to return 1-4% of all expenses, the amount depends on the amount of expenses per month. The second one is 0.5% cashback for everything and 5-15% in certain categories.

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7. The "benefit" of the "Home Bank"


Cardholders are promised cashback from 1 to 15% in selected categories and up to 30% when purchasing goods from partners. You can get no more than 3 thousand points per month. They are then exchanged in the bank's application for rubles. But there is a limitation: the option is available when accumulating from 500 points.

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8. "Home WORLD" from Renaissance Bank

Cashback — 1.5% on everything. You can also withdraw cash for free from ATMs of absolutely any bank in Russia.

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9. "Debit card with cashback" from Sovcombank

A cashback of 5% is provided for spending in restaurants and cafes, 5% in hardware stores, 5% in clothing and shoe stores and 1% on other purchases. And SMS notifications are free on this card.

10. "Smart card" from Gazprombank

There are four reward options, from which the user can choose one each month. Here they are:

  1. "Smart cashback" — 3% points for clothes, shoes, gas stations, taxis, public transport, pharmacies.
  2. "Clear cashback" — 1.5% points for all purchases.
  3. Gazprombank — Travel — up to 4% miles for daily purchases on the card and up to 10% miles for purchases in the Gazprombank — Travel service.
  4. Aeroflot Bonus — 1.5 miles for every 100 rubles spent on purchases.

Points can be spent at the rate of 1 point = 1 ruble or exchanged for money on the account at the rate of 1 point = 80 kopecks.

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This material was first published in August 2020. In October 2023, we updated the text.

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