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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » 8 Mir debit cards with free service

8 Mir debit cards with free service

23 Jan 2024, 12:02, parser
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Until 2022, the cards of the national payment system "Mir" were not popular. They were more often issued by those who were entitled to some kind of payments from the state: benefits, pensions, salaries in state institutions and so on. It was impossible to receive budget money for other cards.

At the beginning of 2022, Visa and Mastercard stopped cooperating with Russia: cards issued within the country do not work abroad, and those issued abroad cannot be used in the Russian Federation. You can pay with the Mir card in Russia and some other countries: for example, in Belarus, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. For Android users, the payment system has its own application — Mir Pay. And banks don't really have much choice left. The new cards they are issuing now mostly work in the "World" system. UnionPay is also sometimes offered, but the conditions for such payment instruments are much less favorable.

We have collected the most attractive offers of Mir cards from major banks Ratings of banks / . The following criteria were used for the assessment:

  • Cost of service — the list contains cards with a free option (but sometimes there are nuances).
  • The reward system is whether there is cashback or bonuses and how convenient everything is arranged, whether there is a percentage on the account balance and what. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the Mir national payment system itself provides bonuses regardless of the bank.
  • The conditions under which you can withdraw money.

Please note: all figures are valid at the time of publication. Banks can change the terms, so check the details when making a card.

1. Tinkoff Black from Tinkoff

  • Service cost: free of charge if the balance on accounts, deposits, investments does not fall below 50 thousand during the month, or a loan has been issued to the account, or you have a 6.2 tariff (interest is accrued only on the balance over 100 thousand), or an account in foreign currency. If none of the conditions are met, then 99 rubles per month.
  • Bonuses: cashback from 1 to 30%, depending on the selected categories and partner offers. They promise to charge up to 5% on the account balance, but this offer is only for subscribers.
  • Cash withdrawal: for free at Tinkoff ATMs — up to 500 thousand per month; in other banks — from 3 thousand at a time and up to 100 thousand per month. Otherwise, the commission is 2%, but not less than 90 rubles, or 3 dollars, or 3 euros, depending on the currency of the account.

Please note that the card service is conditionally free. If you do not want to keep track of the balance or expenses, after registration, ask to transfer yourself to the 6.2 tariff. There is no dramatic difference between it and the usual tariff. It's just that the interest on the balance will be accrued only in the amount of 100 to 300 thousand rubles. Another option is to follow the advertising or information on the site: Tinkoff often offers free maintenance forever as part of various promotions.

The bank also promises that the card can be attached to accounts in 30 currencies, including rubles, dollars and euros, and quickly switch between them.


2. "Mir" from VTB

  • Service cost: free of charge without conditions.
  • Bonuses: cashback is equal to 2% when spending on transport and taxis, cafes and restaurants, supermarkets. Bonuses are awarded in points. They can be used to pay for purchases or exchanged for rubles at the rate of 1 point = 85 kopecks. In the first two months, you can receive 10% cashback on all purchases.
  • Cash withdrawal: is free at ATMs of VTB and partner banks; otherwise, 1% of the transaction amount, at least 300 rubles.

Cashback for such product categories is always an attractive option.


3. Alpha‑The card from Alfa‑bank

  • Service cost: free of charge without conditions.
  • Bonuses: the cashback program can be selected — 5% in four categories or 5% in three categories and 1% for all.
  • Cash withdrawal: is free at Alfa‑bank and partner ATMs. In other ATMs, up to 50 thousand rubles per month are free of charge for purchases with a card from 10 thousand rubles per month or a balance on the card from 30 thousand rubles. Otherwise, with a commission of 1.99%, but not less than 199 rubles.

Free service, flexible cashback — everything is simple and clear.


4. Smart card from Gazprombank

  • Service cost: free of charge without conditions.
  • Bonuses: you can choose to receive cashback or miles. Moreover, there are two options for returning interest on expenses and two programs for travelers. But in order to qualify for bonuses, you need to spend at least 5 thousand rubles per month.
  • Cash withdrawal: at Gazprombank ATMs up to 1 million for free, then 1%, but not less than 300 rubles; at other ATMs — up to 100 thousand for free, then up to 1 million — 1% of the amount, but not less than 300 rubles, from 1 to 2 million — 10%, but at least 300 rubles.

The great flexibility of the loyalty program may appeal to those who like to calculate everything.


5. "Mir" from Raiffeisenbank

  • Service cost: free of charge without conditions.
  • Bonuses: promise discounts from partners.
  • Cash withdrawal: is free at Raiffeisenbank ATMs. In third—party accounts - 150 rubles plus 1% of the transaction amount.

A very simple card with no special advantages. But it's free.


6. The "benefits" of Home Credit Bank

  • Service cost: free of charge.
  • Bonuses: cashback ranges from 1 to 15%, depending on the specified category. You can also choose to refund interest on all expenses.
  • Cash withdrawal: is free at Home Credit ATMs, in third—party ATMs - for free up to 50 thousand rubles, then with a commission of 1.99%, but not less than 199 rubles.

An easy option for those who want to open a card.


7. Opencard from "Discovery"

  • Service cost: free of charge.
  • Bonuses: the loyalty program can be selected: 2% for purchases in supermarkets, restaurants and transport, or 1% for all expenses and up to 10% in three individual categories that the bank itself will select for you; or 5% for housing and communal services through the application or mobile banking and 1% on everything else; or 1% on everything, including payment by QR code.
  • Cash withdrawal: is free at ATMs of the bank and its partners; in third—party ones - 1% of the amount, but not less than 299 rubles.

One of the unique ones is the cashback for payment by QR code. This is considered a transfer, and usually banks do not charge bonuses for such expenses.


8. "Own card" from the Russian Agricultural Bank

  • Service cost: the ruble card is free of charge.
  • Bonuses: two cashback options are to return 1-4% of all expenses or 0.5% for all and 5-15% in certain categories.
  • Cash withdrawal: is free at the bank's ATMs; in third—party ones - 1% of the amount, but not less than 199 rubles.

Cashback can be beneficial for those who like to catch the right categories and plan spending for them.


Have you started a "World" map for yourself lately? Where and under what conditions? Share it in the comments.

This material was first published in March 2022. In October 2023, we updated the text.

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