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About Everything Wiki » Games » iPhone Games: ATCPro — First thing, first thing planes

iPhone Games: ATCPro — First thing, first thing planes

03 May 2023, 06:56, parser
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Those who spent nights at Microsoft Flight Simulator, who read the live log of the long-range pilot Lehi, those who care about the muttering on the radio and the landing strip on St. Martin's Island, will like the game ATCPro.

The owner of Apple phones with more than one year of experience is probably known for the Flight Control game, which has become an icon of the AppStore. The concept of ATCPro is similar, but there are also quite serious differences in management and gameplay.


ATCPro is a simulator of the work of the dispatcher «Circle » and «Approach » in one person. The iPhone screen will serve as a monitor for displaying the air situation. The first levels will introduce ikrok to the principles of management. Unlike Flight Control, it is necessary to control the aircraft using commands, for example: change course by 45 degrees or gain an altitude of 6000 feet. It is worth noting that the control is quite simple and intuitive.


In addition, there are special buttons in the game: Takeoff allows the aircraft to take off, Release transfers the aircraft to the local control room for further tracking, the Land button allows landing. Thus, you do not directly control the aircraft, but you lie down and adjust the movement of ships in your area in the specified directions.


The design of the game pleases with its plausibility, long live Google maps! Those gameplay elements that need to be highlighted are clearly visible against the general background (planes, landing strips). The sound design is quite modest, I would like more immersion in the world of aviation.


In future versions, I would like to see such indispensable attributes of air communication as weather changes, daytime levels and even more cities.

In comparison with other games of this genre (air traffic controller simulator), ATCPro has the greatest portion of realism. All reviews in the AppStore are positive, with wishes for improvement and development of the project. The cost of the game at the moment is $ 1.99.

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