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How to extend the life of electronic devices

03 May 2023, 13:01, parser
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Gadgets can serve you much longer if you follow the tips offered by CNN

Use a hard rubberized case. At least once a month, let the player's battery run out completely. This will be able to guarantee her life for 12-18 months, after which she will need to be replaced.

Mobile phone
As with the iPod, discharge the battery completely, but at least once a week. Avoid direct sunlight on the phone and use it at too low or high temperatures. This may damage the battery.

Flat-screen TV
Do not touch the screen with your fingers. One of the reasons for broken pixels on the monitor is pressure. Do not allow overheating (make sure that the cooling hole does not get dusty). Wipe the dust off the screen with a soft and dry cloth and do not use various sprays.

DVD player
Do not place additional items on or around the player. If it needs to be moved, first disconnect it from the mains, and then disconnect the wires. Naturally, be careful, even a small blow can damage the internal parts of the playback device.

High humidity in the room can cause paper jams and ink problems. This situation can be solved by turning on the air conditioner in the room. Avoid dust getting inside the printer. If this happens, then use the same cloth made of soft and dry cloth for cleaning.

We are sure that most of our readers have known these recommendations before. However, think about it: have you used them?

Extend the life of electronic gadgets [CNN]

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