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How to get rid of wires

03 May 2023, 12:59, parser
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1. Nothing superfluous

Fewer devices — fewer wires, right? Before you do everything else, ask yourself, looking at each specific device: do I need this?» If not, or it can be replaced with something else — feel free to throw it away or sell it on eBay.

cable 2. Speaking of replacing

If one device can perform the functions of several — replace and throw away the excess. For example, an iPhone can replace an iPod, a phone, a game console, a music player and a DVD player.

3. External devices

Switch to wireless options for external devices — keyboards, headsets, mice, etc. Despite the initial setbacks, now they are no worse than the traditional ones.

4. Buy a wireless router

Spare no time and money and spend on a good router that will help  you need to create a good network in the house.

5. Find suitable adapters

Most devices are now adapted for use without wires, and everything you need is already built in. However, if you use a desktop computer, you may need a wireless USB adapter to connect to the Internet.

6. Switch to laptops

If you don't work professionally with video and graphics and don't play energy-intensive computer games, you don't really need a desktop computer. People usually find it strange to buy a laptop that will be used as a normal computer and will never be taken out of the house, but it will save you from wires. You can work anywhere, however you want, it's easy to turn off the computer. Besides, you save space.

7. Disconnect the landline phone

He is not needed. Buy a good cell phone and call from wherever you want, — the cost of communication is about the same, and there are much more advantages.

8. Soar in the clouds «»

The cloud system of Internet services (Mozy, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google, etc.) eliminates the need for information storage devices. You can get everything you need from anywhere in the world. Simple, safe and very cheap.

9. Use "turtles"

If you still have wires that you can't get rid of, use «turtles», devices that protect your wires and prevent them from getting tangled. And it looks neater.

10. Expect to get rid of the wires soon

The transmission of energy and information without any wires is not yet possible, but a discovery that will change the world is already on the way. We can only get rid of most of the wires and expect that in ten years we will forget what it is.

How to De-Cable Your Life [David Turnbull]

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