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About Everything Wiki » Food » Steaks and more. 5 Tefal Electric Grill features that will make cooking easy and dishes delicious

Steaks and more. 5 Tefal Electric Grill features that will make cooking easy and dishes delicious

10 Jun 2023, 00:03, parser
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1. Easily fry steaks

Image: Tefal

Steak is associated with restaurant cuisine, but it can be cooked at home even in a frying pan. However, to do this, you will need to spend all your time at the stove so as not to miss the moment of perfect roasting. Smart electric grill Optigrill Elite from Tefal will help you get delicious steaks without extra effort. It supports four degrees of roasting — from rare blood meat to well done well done. You don't even need to select the cooking parameters — a special sensor will determine the thickness of the meat itself and set the desired temperature and time. And information about the degree of roasting and the countdown of minutes can be seen on the display.

The frying plates are positioned at an angle of 7 degrees, so that the fat flows into the pan. The meat will really fry, and not cook because of excess moisture. In addition, the grill has a "Super-short" function, which allows you to get an appetizing crust with dark stripes on the steak. Just like on your favorite dish in a restaurant.

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2. Diversifies the daily menu

Image: Tefal

Have you always thought that you don't know how to cook, and the maximum of your gastronomic achievements is fried eggs and buckwheat? It's time to get rid of old prejudices and look at yourself in a new way. With the smart grill Optigrill Elite, you can even manage a five-course menu. 12 automatic programs turn the device into a universal kitchen assistant, with which the most complicated recipes are not afraid. Tired of meat? Cook fish, sausages or chicken breast. I wanted a delicious breakfast, but are you late for work? The grill will save your morning: it will quickly fry crispy bacon for breakfast or bake closed sandwiches.

It is easy to set the necessary parameters for each product. For example, there are two cooking modes for pepper — crispy and soft. And for fish, you can choose a weak, medium or full degree of roasting. By the way, the grill has a defrosting function that allows you to cook frozen foods right away. You can easily fry chicken nuggets, fish sticks or even meat without worrying that you didn't get it out of the freezer in advance. Need more ideas for a delicious and varied menu? The device comes with a recipe book so that you can be inspired to create new dishes.

3. Cook delicious Belgian waffles

Image: Tefal

Who said that the grill is not suitable for desserts? A smart kitchen gadget from Tefal will also be appreciated by waffle lovers. They can be easily baked thanks to the special nozzle. You can experiment with different additives. For example, decorate the waffles with berries, add cottage cheese and syrup — and a delicious snack, like in your favorite coffee shop, is ready. And for a hearty breakfast, complement the dish with smoked salmon or ham, poached egg and avocado.

To cook several portions of waffles, it will take only 15-20 minutes. The non-stick coating will allow you to use a minimum of oil when frying and be sure that the dish will not burn and will not stick.

4. Turns into an oven

Image: Tefal

The baking nozzle will allow you to cook pizza, pie, vegetables, potatoes and other dishes in the grill Tefal. You will be able to effortlessly prepare for a feast with just one device. Thanks to the volume of 1.6 liters, it is easy to feed the whole family — up to four servings will turn out at the output. The ideal result will help to achieve four temperature levels, which are set manually.

At the same time, the nozzle is convenient to use. It has thermally insulated handles that will make it easy to get ready meals from the grill. The nozzle is made of cast aluminum with non-stick coating. This means that it does not absorb the odors of different dishes, is easy to clean and resistant to wear.

5. Easy to use

Image: Tefal

With Optigrill Elite from Tefal you will make friends with the first touch: the touch control panel is minimalistic and intuitive. No need to mess with buttons and multi-page operating instructions. You can choose the automatic mode for cooking beef, pork, poultry and other products, or manually adjust the temperature. The cooking process and the countdown to the degree of roasting are displayed on the display, and an audible signal will inform about readiness.

Washed all the dishes, but suddenly discovered with horror that there was still a greasy frying pan? With a smart grill, this kitchen phobia will finally become a thing of the past. Removable panels and a tray for collecting fat are easy to wash in the dishwasher. Send the nozzles for baking and for waffles to the same place. Or you can simply wipe the surface of the grill with a paper towel.

You can be sure that the device will serve your family for many years. Optigrill Elite from Tefal has a 15‑year warranty for repairs and spare parts.

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