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About Everything Wiki » Food » How to separate yolk from protein: 6 simple ways

How to separate yolk from protein: 6 simple ways

09 Jun 2023, 12:04, parser
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Creams, sauces, pastries, meringue and other dishes often need only whites or yolks. Carefully separating one part of the egg from the other is not so difficult. Here are a few methods.

1. How to separate yolk from protein with shell halves

Photo: iva/Shutterstock

Prepare two containers: one for yolks, the other for proteins. With a fork or the blunt side of a knife, break the egg in the middle over a bowl for proteins, carefully divide the shell into halves with your hands. Make sure that the yolk remains in one of them. Pour it from one half of the shell into the other until all the protein has drained. Transfer the clean yolk to the second container.

For this method, choose clean eggs so that contamination from the shell does not get into the food.

2. How to separate the yolk from the protein with your hands

Photo: Nungning20/Shutterstock

In this method, the shells need to be replaced by hands. Fold one palm into a boat and break an egg into it, slightly spread your fingers so that the protein seeps through them. Roll the yolk a little in your hand and transfer it to a container.

You can simplify this method. Break the egg not into the palm of your hand, but into a bowl, and then scoop up the yolk with your hand and pass the protein through your fingers.

The disadvantage of this method is dirty and sticky hands, but the problem can be solved by wearing gloves.

3. How to separate the yolk from the protein with a plastic bottle

Break the eggs into a flat plate or bowl. Lightly squeeze the sides of a clean and dry plastic bottle, bring its neck close to the yolk and slowly unclench. The yolk will rise up the neck by itself. To remove it, just press the bottle again.

See how it works:

4. How to separate the yolk from the protein with a funnel

Footage: Miss Purity/ YouTube

If there is a funnel with a narrow hole in the kitchen, put it over a glass and break an egg inside. Wait until the protein flows down. To speed up the process, carefully tilt and twist the funnel.

This method is simple, but not the most reliable. The yolk under its weight can slip after the protein.

5. How to separate yolk from protein with a sieve

Footage: Miss Purity/ YouTube

Place a sieve over a bowl and break an egg into it. Rotate the sieve to strain the protein.

This method is best suited for eggs that are not the first freshness: they have a more liquid protein that will easily pass through small holes.

6. How to separate the yolk from the protein with special devices

Photo: Lanzelot/Shutterstock

If you need to separate the yolks often and in large quantities, buy a simple separator. For example, in the form of a spoon with long holes and a recess for the yolk. You just need to break an egg into it, and the protein will drain in seconds.

Or take a soft rubber pear, it works on the same principle as a plastic bottle, but with such a device, the yolk is more likely to remain intact.

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