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About Everything Wiki » Food » How to hold a business lunch properly?

How to hold a business lunch properly?

03 May 2023, 13:12, parser
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A business lunch is a responsible event, and the success of your further work with business partners often depends on how it will take place.

There is an unspoken list of rules, adhering to which you will always be on top.

Punctuality, good manners, knowledge of etiquette and neat appearance are the requirements that should be followed everywhere and always. Therefore, we will not dwell on them in detail, and we will immediately move on to more subtle, but no less important points.

1. Location selection

How your meeting will go depends very much on the choice of location. The atmosphere, the assortment, the service, the music — pay attention to these points. The restaurant should not be too noisy so that you do not have to shout, and at the same time too quiet — otherwise your conversation will be heard by all other visitors. It is best if there is a separate booth in the cafe where you can chat quietly.


The restaurant should not be located on the edge of the city, so that you do not have to drive to it for an hour or longer.

2. Food selection

The way the meeting will take place is also influenced by what you ordered. Lamb with fried potatoes is, of course, delicious, but in this situation it is completely inappropriate. It is better to stop at tea (juice, coffee or water) and salad. Your order should not consist of the most expensive or, on the contrary, the cheapest dishes on the menu. It is better not to order sauces that can stain clothes or fingers. If you have such an opportunity, it would be nice to find out the taste preferences of your partners and customers so as not to get into an awkward situation by deciding to treat a vegetarian with a meat salad.

3. Feeling unwell

If you feel unwell on the day of the meeting, then think about whether you will be able to negotiate in this state. It might be better to reschedule the meeting. If you still decide to go, then try not to mention your illness.

4. Be calm!

Tune in to the meeting and behave calmly. Try not to make unnecessary movements: do not drum your fingers on the table, do not fidget in the chair and do not fix your clothes and hair every 5 minutes. Such fussiness can greatly irritate your interlocutor, and the conversation will not work.

After lunch, be sure to thank your partner. And whatever happens, follow the rules of etiquette, be calm and confident.

When choosing a place for a business lunch, pay attention to the Oki Doki restaurant: in it you can chat with partners and customers in a relaxed atmosphere. So that you don't think it's better to order, you will be offered to choose dishes from a special business menu, and the cozy quiet booths of "Oki Doki" are perfect for a business conversation - no one will bother you.

Bon appetit and successful negotiations!

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