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About Everything Wiki » Food » Foodily has launched a culinary app for Facebook*

Foodily has launched a culinary app for Facebook*

03 May 2023, 13:10, parser
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I really like to cook and find different interesting and unusual recipes. Some of them I share with you on . As practice has shown, I find especially unusual, simple and at the same time delicious recipes on American websites. Sometimes I post these recipes on Facebook*, my friends also periodically do culinary research and share their findings. The problem is that then in the feed it is very difficult to find the recipe that you looked through with one eye, forgot about it and now suddenly remembered. The Foodily cooking app for Facebook* solves this problem to some extent.

The essence is very simple — you visit the site , select connect via Facebook* and get to the main page of the site with recipes. At the very top there is an inscription that suggests you use the new Foodily app for Facebook*.

Click on «Start here » and the site offers you to install the application. After that, you have a window like this:

Now you can invite your friends to use this cooking app from the suggested list, search for recipes, share them in your feed, mark your favorites and see the recipes that your friends have chosen.

How does it work?

You view recipes and mark the ones you liked, add them to existing lists or create new ones if you think there is no suitable category for the recipe.

Your saved recipes in the Recipes tab will look like this:

And the recipes selected by friends can be viewed in the Friends tab by selecting Recently active.

In order to fully view the saved recipes, you just need to click on a friend.

Another of the advantages is that you can share your favorite recipe with any of your Facebook friends* by sending them a message.

As a result, thanks to this application, you can see recipes that your friends who use foodily liked, share them in your FB* (Twitter) feed and send as a message to any friend, regardless of whether he uses this culinary application or not. All recipes are stored in one place, and you will not need to waste time looking for published recipes in your feed or friends' feed.

I hope that you will find even more interesting and delicious recipes for yourself :)

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