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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » Pumping: a five-minute workout for cheerfulness in the morning

Pumping: a five-minute workout for cheerfulness in the morning

20 Jan 2024, 00:02, parser
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How to do a workout

The complex consists of the following exercises:

  1. Opening your chest while lying on your side.
  2. Rocking in the pose of a child.
  3. U-turn and tilt to the side.
  4. Shoulder rotation.
  5. Stretching on the knee.
  6. "Bull Cat".
  7. The dog's pose and exit.

Do each exercise four times, and if it is one—sided - four repetitions in each direction. Do not try to dramatically increase the range of movements — perform them gently and smoothly, without pain.

How to do exercises

Chest opening while lying on your side

Lie on your right side, put your hands behind your head and connect your elbows in front of your face. Bend your legs at the knees.

Turn your left elbow to the side, revealing your chest, but at the same time maintain the position of your hips. If you can put both shoulders on the floor, it's good, if not, it's okay. Work in the comfortable range.

Return to the starting position and repeat. Do the exercise four times, then turn over and repeat.

Rocking in the child's pose

Get on all fours. Swing back, lower your pelvis onto your heels and straighten your arms. Then return to the position on all fours and repeat.

U-turn and tilt to the side

Get on your left knee, tilt your body forward and place your right elbow on the floor next to your right foot. Then turn the body to the right and pull your right arm towards the ceiling. Rise without lowering your arms and tilt to the left, stretching your right side. Repeat three more times, and then do the same on the other side.

Shoulder rotation

Kneel down, extend your arms forward at shoulder level and clench your fists. Make a circular motion with your shoulders back, then spread your arms to the sides, bend your elbows and point your forearms upwards. Extend your arms forward again and repeat from the beginning.

Stretching on the knee

Stand on your right knee, place your hands on either side of the foot in front of you. Swing forward, deepening the lunge, then bring the pelvis back, straighten the knee and try to bend towards the leg, stretching the back of the thigh. Alternate positions four times, then switch legs and repeat.

Bull Cat

Get on all fours. Round your back like an angry cat, and then bend in the opposite direction. Try to bend more in the thoracic region, not in the lower back.

Dog pose and exit

Stand in the "dog face down" position. Raise the pelvis to the ceiling, straighten your arms and legs so that the body resembles an inverted V. Leave your feet on the half-toes.

Take turns lowering your heels to the floor, stretching the back of your thigh. Make the movement four times, then slightly deepen the pose, trying to bring your chest closer to your hips, walk across the floor to your feet with your hands and straighten up.

Write how you like your morning workout.

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