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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » Pumping: 20 minutes with dumbbells for a full body workout

Pumping: 20 minutes with dumbbells for a full body workout

29 May 2023, 20:06, parser
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This circular workout combines exercises for pumping the hips, buttocks and back, arms and abs. You will do them one by one with minimal rest, but at the same time you will be able to take a breath whenever you wish.

How to do a workout

Set a timer for 20 minutes and perform as many rounds of the following exercises as possible:

  1. Lunges in different directions — 6 repetitions from each leg.
  2. Deadlift and squat — 8 reps.
  3. Steps with a swing — 12 repetitions.
  4. Push—ups and bringing the knees to the elbows - 8 repetitions.
  5. Knee press — 10 reps.

To find the right weight for the dumbbells, do a knee press. You have to do 10 repetitions without stopping.

How to do exercises

1. Lunges in different directions

Stand up straight, legs together, hold dumbbells in lowered hands next to the body. Perform a lunge forward with the right foot and slightly tilt the body with a straight back.

Return to the starting position and make a lunge to the side. Try to sit lower — to the parallel of the thigh with the floor or close to that. Keep your back straight, pull your pelvis back, and tilt your body slightly forward.

Return to the starting position and repeat the same with the other leg. This bundle is counted at a time. You need to complete six.

2. Deadlift and squat

Stand up straight, take dumbbells in your hands. Lean forward with a straight back, bend your arms at the elbows and pull the dumbbells to your chest.

Return to the starting position, lift the projectiles to your shoulders and hold them in bent arms. Perform a squat. Make sure that the lower back is not rounded at the lower point of the exercise, and the heels do not come off the floor.

Straighten up and repeat the bundle from the beginning.

3. Steps with a swing

Stand up straight, hold the dumbbells in your lowered hands. Take a wide step to the side and drop into a squat. At the same time, tilt the straight body forward and put both dumbbells between your legs for a swing.

Connect your legs by performing a swing with two projectiles forward, and then go into a squat in the other direction. Keep up the good work.

4. Push-ups and bringing knees to elbows

Stand at point-blank range lying down, strain the press so that the lower back does not sag. Perform a push-up while maintaining a rigid body. Make sure that the elbows are placed close to the body.

Take the emphasis lying down, bend the right leg at the knee and bring it to the left elbow. Then repeat the same with the other leg and do the ligament first.

5. Knee press

Kneel on a rug or a rolled-up blanket. Hold dumbbells in lowered hands next to the body.

Tilt the body and pull the pelvis back, as if you are going to sit on your heels. Move the straight arms with the projectiles behind the body line to gain inertia for the next lift.

Straighten up at the hip joints, simultaneously make a swing with both hands forward and bend them at the elbows so that dumbbells are next to the shoulders. Squeeze the shells up until the arms are fully extended, lower them to the shoulders and repeat from the beginning.

Write in the comments, how does the workout feel?

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