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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » Lifehacker Cup: An incredible FINALE!

Lifehacker Cup: An incredible FINALE!

04 May 2023, 16:54, parser
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Well, a little crazy, trial, but insanely interesting Lifehacker Cup has ended. During these two weeks, I, who know a little about marathons, ironmen, ultramarathons and all that, was genuinely shocked by the numbers, the pressure of the leaders. Well, the number of participants — 445 — is hardly modest :) These 445 people ran a total of 20.267 km in just 9 days! is half the length of the equator.

So, we have three winners:

      1) 7in1 + — 611.33 km.
      2) Aleksei Mironenko — 529.82 km.
      3) Andrey Shikalev — 476.28 km.

These heroes of the "magic run" will receive prizes — five books each from the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" about a healthy lifestyle and running. Thank them for their inspiration!

Also, the second sponsor of the Cup, the online sports equipment store Bobyboss, provided three additional prizes to people who are far from the leaders, but showed zeal and just great fellows!

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 09.15.18

      Irina Shaplin. Prize: interval timer.
      Victor Tsvetkov. Prize: interval timer.
      Pavel Pilatov. Prize: gymnastic rings.

Thank you to everyone who joined the first running Lifehacker Cup. Continue the thorns, because, as we have seen, the limit of our capabilities is VERY far and be healthy.

And we, the team of the running Lifehacker, have already come up with a new competition, which we will tell you about very soon.

The winners are kindly asked to write to us at [email protected] and tell us where to send the prizes, and we ask you, dear participants, to leave a review in the comments with a positive and not very feedback. The second series of the Cup should be better than the first!

Also, we invite sponsors to take part in this event with us!

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