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About Everything Wiki » Education » Shoe selection cheat sheet: sizes, tips, pitfalls

Shoe selection cheat sheet: sizes, tips, pitfalls

03 May 2023, 04:51, parser
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A week ago we introduced you to an online shoe store , where you can order any shoes for women, men and even children. But in the comments there were questions about whether it is possible to choose shoes without holding them in your hands. The store's specialists have put together all the recommendations for the remote purchase of shoes and below we offer you interesting tips that will be useful to all those who appreciate the comfort purchased for their money.


1. If you realize that your foot is narrow – it's worth taking shoes for half a size smaller (later it spreads a little and will definitely lie on the foot). If the foot, on the contrary, is wide – take shoes a size larger: in this case, it does not need to be worn or stretched, it will not lose its shape, and the legs will get maximum comfort.

Barker boots 8,600 rubles.

2. Keep in mind that the sizes of the right and left legs may differ – always focus on a larger size.

3. If your foot has a completely standard half–size, and an unfamiliar but very attractive brand has only whole ones: 36, 37, 38 sizes and then - choose the larger size closest to yours.

Alba boots 4,500 rubles.

4. For sports shoes it is worth making an exception: always take half a size more. A small free space provides better mobility of the foot, greater comfort and the necessary freedom of movement.

Lacoste sneakers 4,050 rubles.

5. If you plan to wear shoes with a sock, follow common sense and the tips outlined above.

6. If you are buying sandals, then remember that neither the toe nor the heel should go beyond the sole line.

Birkenstock sandals 2,400 rubles.

7. If shoes are a little tight, then you can wrap them in a wet towel , which has previously been soaked in very hot water and thoroughly wrung out. But if this advice does not help, then it is better to give up the purchased pair, because the main thing in shoes is comfort.

8. You can check your shoe size at home — put your feet on a piece of paper and draw lines at the level of your thumb and heel — the distance between the lines is your size. Be careful! Choose the size that matches the larger foot. Then compare the dimensions of the aot according to the following tables:

Sizes of men's and women's shoes


Sizes of children's shoes


Buy in the store and you will be able to get advice 24/7 by phone or on the website regarding the sizes for each brand. — sponsor of the blog "Lifehacker"

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