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About Everything Wiki » Education » How to learn another language without getting up from the couch?

How to learn another language without getting up from the couch?

03 May 2023, 08:34, parser
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If it seems to you that learning a foreign language is difficult, expensive and generally not in this life, it's time to reconsider your attitude. If up to this point your only excuse was a global shortage of time, the opportunity to learn a language remotely will successfully destroy your warm relationship with procrastination.

Sadly sticking in crooked translations on Google translate, missing out on lucrative jobs that require knowledge of foreign languages, or once again trying to translate or draw up a contract for foreign partners, you think you should have studied better as a child, but the moment is lost.

Yes, it's a fact — in childhood, knowledge fits better in an unfilled head, but this does not mean that it's too late to start now.

How many languages you know — that many times you are a person.

Finding the time is easy

When there is a desire, there is time, and all sorts of inconveniences simply recede into the background, and with our level of technology, only someone who is not looking for other ways out can not do something, and is terribly traditional.

Using Skype, distance learning is not much different from a real lesson with a teacher. Unless the teacher can't take you by the hand or give you a slap on the head, but I think that's not a big advantage.

So, it doesn't matter who you are, why you need to learn a foreign language (in fact, there may be a lot of reasons), and why you haven't done it yet.

A student with a wild desire to emigrate to Europe or the USA, or just dreaming of graduating from a foreign university, a businessman whose foreign partners are rolling with laughter from his letters, or a middle-level manager whose superiors demand to learn a foreign language, and he simply does not have time to get to school after work.

At different levels, you can find different courses: learn from scratch or just pull up to a new level.

If you are a lark, you can make a schedule for 5 am, if you are an owl, learn a foreign language at midnight or later — a remote lesson will be held at any time of the day.

Based on all of the above, you can see a shade of individuality in distance learning when you choose (or are selected for you) something that fits in all parameters. The main thing is to learn and get new opportunities. Well, and pay, of course, but more on that later.

Who is better to learn from?

When you have appreciated all the advantages of distance learning and said your final "I want", it's time to look for a teacher. Now on the Internet you can find many different schools and private teachers offering distance courses, but what should you pay attention to when choosing?

It is difficult for a person who has learned the language only at school to navigate among different teachers and choose the best one. I must say right away that if you can speak a foreign language coherently, it is better to choose a foreigner as a teacher, that is, a native speaker. So you will learn the language without the nightmarish accent of many Russian teachers.

Some people prefer to save money, make foreign friends and communicate with them for free, but agree, it's difficult. In addition, they are unlikely to be able to train you in grammar and correct pronunciation, instead of smiling at how you distort words.

Of course, the more communication, the better, and you can make hundreds of foreign friends, but before that it's better to train your skills with a professional, that is, find a distance learning school where foreign teachers work.

Different opportunities for different students

Of course, there are such schools, and after searching the Internet, we found several options with different prices and different opportunities. One of the schools offering several opportunities at once is English—Natali.

In this school, teachers from different countries, both Russian-speaking and native speakers, communicate with you via Skype, just like in real life, give you lessons, train your pronunciation, teach grammar and everything else. Despite the name, you can also learn German, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic in it.

This online school has different programs for any age and level. For dummies, you can order a "Basic language course", for those who expand their circle of communication — a "General conversational course".

If you are going to travel, the teachers will quickly train you in the main tourist phrases so that there are no fail situations with foreigners.

There are two separate courses for business — individual, for owners and managers, and corporate, so that your entire company, from the director to the cleaner, speaks a foreign language together and is proud of the new status. Of course, there are classes for children of any age.

At the free trial lesson, teachers determine your language level (by the way, you can choose the teachers yourself, from Russian-speaking or native speakers), and determine the program.

If you are impatient to visit other countries, or you have always dreamed of learning a language by communicating live with native speakers, the online school helps you to travel to another country and even get a visa.

Travel and study

One of the opportunities on the site is studying abroad. Choose any country from the UK to India with the sultry beaches of Goa, go there and learn the language. The site offers to choose a country, a program — for adults or children, a specific school where you will study and take exams, and time. Different programs, different prices and study time — you can choose whatever is convenient for you, and the online school will help you get a visa and organize everything.

Language is the roadmap of culture. He will tell you where his people came from and where they are going. Rita Mae Brown

The site offers special programs, there are various discounts, promotions, for example, you can go to England for half price or celebrate the new year in Miami.

Question price

As promised earlier, a little bit about the price. The knowledge flowing into you from the monitor is cheaper than real lessons, and this can be a decisive factor in choosing courses. The lesson lasts 45 minutes, and the specific price depends on the program (regular or for business), the teacher (Russian-speaking or native speaker) and the number of classes. You can even take lessons on credit.

What do you get?

When your course ends, you receive an international certificate, and a letter indicating the material passed and the results of the final tests.

But the main thing is that you are fluent in a foreign language, you can safely travel, work abroad, in the end, just watch foreign films and read books by cult writers without translation.

To speak another language is like having a second soul. Charlemagne

And not only the soul, but also a bunch of opening opportunities. Many people want to live abroad or get a high—status, high-paying position, or raise their business, expand their sphere of influence, and everywhere they must know a foreign language, or even better - a few. So it turns out like this: if you want to live beautifully, learn languages.

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