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About Everything Wiki » Education » 5 best sites about the Russian language

5 best sites about the Russian language

03 May 2023, 08:34, parser
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The Russian language in skillful hands and in experienced mouths is beautiful, melodious, expressive, flexible, obedient, dexterous and capacious
(c) A.I.Kuprin

What distinguishes a cultured person? That's right – his speech. It can be used to judge the education, outlook and even the mood of the interlocutor.

Unfortunately, the literacy of the population in our country is falling every year. Fortunately, the number of people striving for it is increasing.

It is difficult to speak and write Russian correctly. Even professionals who work with texts on a daily basis make mistakes from time to time.

Linguistic knowledge and skills need to be constantly updated and improved. That is why we have collected for you the 5 best portals dedicated to the Russian language.


– perhaps the most famous reference and information portal about the Russian language.

Sowing "the Russian language for everyone", the developers have collected all kinds of dictionaries on it: from spelling to anthroponymic.

Audio dictionaries deserve special attention among them. For example, the dictionary "We speak correctly" – the editor-in-chief of the portal, together with the host of one of the Moscow radio stations, teaches how to "hit" words correctly, and also fascinatingly tells about their origin.

On LITERACY. you will find a wealth of theoretical material on the Russian language, and what is even more important – practical tasks (exercises and dictation). So everyone can check the level of the language and "fill in" the gaps in their knowledge.

In addition, if you doubt the spelling of a word, you can ask the appropriate question and get a qualified answer from the employees of "LETTERS".

Culture of writing

– an unofficial portal created by a group of enthusiasts from St. Petersburg teachers of Russian language and literature. They consult, edit texts, but most importantly accumulate educational and reference material on the Russian language.

We are talking about both journalistic and scientific articles, as well as dictionaries, spelling, punctuation, orthoepic and other rules.

The section is especially interesting, which contains typical mistakes we make in Russian oral and written speech.

There is also a lot of normative and methodological material on the site. Therefore, it will be useful for teachers of the Russian language, as well as their students preparing to take exams.

Web edition of the rules of the Russian language

is a reference site created by designer and blogger Ilya Birman (together with Roman Parpalak and Shurik Babayev).

Here you will not find any dictionaries, tests and question–answer forms. Only spelling and punctuation rules of the Russian language. But! They are perfectly structured according to the morphemic principle, brief and provided with examples.

At the same time, the main "feature" of the portal is search. Fast and convenient. You can type the suffix you are interested in into the search bar or the whole word with it; you can write "commas in compound sentences" or just put a sign ",".

This site is indispensable for journalists, copywriters, bloggers and anyone who needs efficiency in editing texts.


– website about the Russian language and literature. The target audience is quite wide: from philologists and linguists to high school students.

The site contains all the basic language rules, dictionaries; there is a forum and a help desk to help understand complex cases.

From the point of view of the Russian language, there is nothing new on the portal, but the section "Literature" is very interesting and informative. You will find there a variety of materials on the theory of literature (genera, genres, text, and much more) – an excellent help for novice writers and publicists.


– website-collection of rules on the Russian language. As in the case of , it contains all the basic rules (plus sections phonetics, vocabulary and morphology), but they are even more concise.

It is stated that the site will help you improve your literacy and pass exams successfully. This should also be facilitated by tests, a link to which is provided after some rules. But, alas, the links are not working.

In conclusion, a small survey: what services and portals about the Russian language do you use? Share links in the comments.

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