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About Everything Wiki » Education » 38 educational podcasts worth listening to in 2013

38 educational podcasts worth listening to in 2013

03 May 2023, 08:08, parser
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Podcasts, in my opinion, are the best background for walking and working. Personally, I often work on various small tasks or clean my apartment, listening to a number of English-language and domestic podcasts. If you are tired of choosing between «Radio-T», «Brandy » and a couple of music and «apple » podcasts from Runet, it's time to pay attention to English-language resources. Podcasts in English are a great way not only to improve your language skills, but also to learn something really new, especially when it comes to free self-education. Previously, the editors of Lifehacker published a list of 50 free online courses; and today we present you a list of educational podcasts. Pay attention to them in 2013.

  1. NPR: National Public Radio — there is a whole mountain of educational podcasts, including announcements of exhibitions, conferences and events in the field of education.
  2. TED Talks: a resource that does not need a special introduction for those who have long been interested in self-education.
  3. Steve Hargadon: a podcast about what education will be like in the near future.
  4. The State of Tech: all about new software, platforms, innovations and gadgets.
  5. The Ed Tech Crew Podcast: A weekly podcast about digital technologies in education.
  6. The Compendium Blog of the A.T. Tipscast: the use of modern technologies and tools in the general education system (there are tips for teachers, however, they relate mainly to the Western education system).
  7. Classroom 2.0 LIVE: weekly webinars for beginners in the field of modern online education.
  8. EdReach: new applications and educational tools for teachers and students.
  9. ESL: a podcast for those who want to master English as a second language.
  10. EDU-Talk: about how universities and academic science use modern technologies.
  11. Google Educast: A weekly podcast on how to use Google products and tools in education.
  12. Nerdy Cast: pop culture, technology and modern education in one bottle + a little humor.
  13. EdTechTalk: an educational podcast for teachers of schools and universities.
  14. Blog Talk Radio: A podcast for those who teach young children.
  15. The Back Channel: technology news in the field of education.
  16. The ARTS Roundtable: for those who are interested in music, the work of studios and drama clubs, visual and decorative arts.
  17. The Flipped Learning Network: tips for those who introduce interactive technologies into the learning process in schools and universities.
  18. Lit Tech: a podcast for librarians and literature teachers.
  19. Grammar Girl: for those who study the grammar of the English language (both British and American versions of it).
  20. British History: all about the history of Great Britain.
  21. China History: all about the history of China.
  22. Smart People Podcast: conversations with smart and ambitious people from different fields of activity and the opportunity to learn something new from them.
  23. EdukWest: startups and trends in modern education.
  24. Radio Lab: analog of «Young technician » in the USA, only on the radio (almost 300 local radio stations in the States are on the air).
  25. StarTalk Radio: conversations with celebrities and prominent scientists about science and technology.
  26. Ropecast: a series of mini-podcasts for those interested in English culture and language.
  27. Chemical Heritage Foundation: everything for young (and not so) chemists.
  28. Audiria: a podcast for those who are learning Spanish.
  29. Teacher Created Materials: for teachers who introduce new technologies in their classrooms / courses at universities / colleges/schools.
  30. Power to Learn: tips for teachers and students (combating plagiarism and cheating, standards of modern education, mobile technologies for education and much more).
  31. The History Chicks: a fresh look at the history and outstanding characters / figures from the past and present.
  32. Math Mutation: for young (and not so) mathematicians.
  33. Astronomy Cast: A podcast for anyone interested in astronomy.
  34. The Naked Scientist: Cambridge University researchers and faculty are at your service. The universe, black holes and all that stuff.
  35. The History of WWII: facts, events, documents and heroes /antiheroes of World War II in one podcast.
  36. Day in Tech History: what made this day memorable in the history of technology.
  37. Classic Poetry Aloud Index: famous poetic works — within one podcast.
  38. NASA Science Casts: space and everything related to NASA works and technologies.

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