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About Everything Wiki » DIY » "New Year": How to make Christmas toys with your own hands and spend very little money

"New Year": How to make Christmas toys with your own hands and spend very little money

03 May 2023, 12:48, parser
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Being a co-author of a blog about needlework I can tell you a lot about how to make decorations for the Christmas tree with my own hands in order to save a penny or two, and most importantly, to give my family a lot of joint evenings, which will also be nice to remember.

Glass candelabra or "fireflies in a jar"

This material tells how to make a very romantic and homemade candle holder from small jars, for example from under baby puree, which with the addition of green, gold and red is quite suitable for a New Year's home.

Garland of photos

When you decorate a Christmas tree, artificial or real, it is not necessary to spoil its appearance with cheap Chinese lanterns at all. Decorate it with a chain of photos of those who are dear to you - friends, acquaintances, colleagues and, of course, your children and relatives.

Christmas tree toys with knitting needles

If you have old toys, such as balls, then if you know how to knit, you can make very cute and original new toys. 100% exclusive :)

New Year's wreath on the front door

Surprise your neighbors with the fact that you have a holiday not only in the house, but also at the entrance to it. Make a simple New Year's and very beautiful wreath of dozens of small balls.

Photo frames: how to fit the outgoing year in them

If you take photos, then you have accumulated a bunch of photos in the same Flickr for the passing year. And now see how you can hang them up so that your family, after looking at them, understands— yes! the year was a success! My year, for example, looks like this!

How to hang a lot of photos on the wall

And yet, you can highlight the main photo of each month and make yourself a mini-gallery of 12 photos. It should be great.

Happy preparations!

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