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About Everything Wiki » Books » REVIEW: "Healthy to Death", AJ Jacobs

REVIEW: "Healthy to Death", AJ Jacobs

03 May 2023, 18:54, parser
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This is a book about health, or rather about all the hysteria that has risen around it! No one can prove that broiler chickens cause cancer, but everyone is talking about it. No one has proven that abs cubes are useful, but everyone is starving themselves in the gym to achieve tone in these incredibly lazy muscles. No one has proven that organic products are ten times better than non-organic, although they often cost so much more, but they spend money on it and find the strength to hack into blogs and forums on this topic.


If you are interested in health, but you are not hysterical, then read "Healthy to death" and that's why.

The author of the book, A.J. Jacobs, works as a senior editor of Esquire magazine. He decided to spend one year in order to become the healthiest person in the world. Every month he pays close attention to one of his body parts or organ and with the help of cool experts gets polar opinions on how to do so that he would be healthy. That's how the content is creatively designed, for the first time in my life I read it :)



I will allow myself to poke around a little to arouse your interest in this extremely entertaining book. At various points in the book, the author has his aunt. She is from the category of urban lunatics — a raw food eater, ignores transport, touches, finds fault with the equipment of every object in everyday life, does not use household chemicals and all that. At the end of the book, she dies at a very strange age from cancer. This greatly darkens the end of the book. However, the author also has a 92-year-old grandfather who died in this year of the experiment, having lived an ordinary unfrozen life. And there is an author who tries everything and presents something like a golden mean.

After reading this book for a little over three hours, I realized how to live for me and drew attention to what I had never paid attention to and "scored" on what my head was filled with in vain.

And the book "Healthy to Death" is the best selection of follies that modern educated and well—earning people have come up with. Either from boredom, or from too much intelligence :)

"Healthy to death", AJ Jacobs

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