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About Everything Wiki » Books » REVIEW: "Kama Sutra for the Speaker", Radislav Gandapas

REVIEW: "Kama Sutra for the Speaker", Radislav Gandapas

03 May 2023, 07:21, parser
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REVIEW: Radislav Gandapas

When I saw this book, I immediately wanted to read it. I like to speak in front of an audience, and considering that I'm going to do it more often in the future, I thought about improving the skills of the speaker.

It also played a role that the book "Kama Sutra for the speaker" was published by the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber". The opinion has long been fixed in my mind that they will not print anything bad :)

I didn't know anything about the author of the book, Radislav Gandapas. But by coincidence, at the moment when I started reading the book, I heard from my friend that he was a fairly well-known and successful entrepreneur, business speaker and coach.

I really liked the book. It is easy to read. She sometimes laughed out loud at the author's jokes. And most importantly, I learned a lot of useful information.

What is the book about

In ten chapters, the author has covered, perhaps, all aspects of public speaking: how a speaker should stand, how to move around the stage, where to start a speech and how to finish it, how to answer tricky questions, how to politely put an "overly intelligent" listener in his place. One of the chapters is devoted to the correct operation of the microphone. And this is an important aspect that is often given insufficient attention.

And most importantly, after reading the "Kama Sutra for the speaker" you will learn how to enjoy the performance!

«It is important not so much to master a set of techniques for influencing the public, as to learn how to enjoy your own public performances. For everything that a person does with pleasure, he does much more successfully.

There is an interesting section at the end of the book: "110 questions and 109 answers." In this section, the author answers quite common questions from his readers and students. The questions are very vital: how to fall asleep before a speech if insomnia has attacked due to excitement; how to get rid of dry mouth during a speech; what to do if you hurt your leg the day before the speech, is it permissible to sit on a chair; how to speak to a girl in front of a male audience at a technical conference so that the report is taken seriously … And a lot more interesting.

Who is the book for

For everyone. For the author, the concept of "public speaking" is both a lecture for two hundred people and toasts on duty at small family events.

If you often have to speak in front of an audience and you like it, then in the "Kama Sutra for the speaker" you will find techniques that will help you always achieve the goal of speaking. The goal is not necessarily the applause and adoration of the audience (this is rather a nice bonus), but the goal can be, for example, the sale of a product.

If for you any performance is a painful torture, during which you slowly die from palpitations, dizziness and sweating, then in the "Kama Sutra for the speaker" you will find training methods (breathing, physical and psychological exercises) that will help you reduce excitement. The author helps not to be afraid of the failure of the performance, and his personal experience makes you believe him. Radislav Gandapas himself went from a child for whom an attempt to tell a rhyme, standing on a stool, ended in hysteria, to a brilliant speaker. He has studied many techniques, but offers his own methodology, developed over many years of studying the skills of many successful speakers.

«It is important to understand that even after the most disastrous performance, life will not stop. Neither the whole of humanity, nor your own. The universe will not shrink to the size of a moonshine still. The planets won't stop running. The Volga will not miss the Caspian Sea. NTV will not stop broadcasting. Count Dracula will not rise from hell to drag you away with him. And even the sentry at the Eternal Flame does not hiccup! Nothing will happen!!! And it's even a shame…»

If you do not need to speak in front of an audience, then you can still read the book, if only for the sake of general development and pleasure. In almost every chapter, the author tells an interesting story from personal experience, for example, about how he stopped a fight with a few words. In addition, the "Kama Sutra for the speaker" will simply help improve communication skills: there are chips that are applicable not only to a large audience, but to an individual in a personal conversation.

While reading the book, there is an acute desire to try out all the suggested tips in practice as soon as possible. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to make a speech in front of an audience, and the "Kama Sutra for the speaker" has taken its rightful place in my personal library and, I think, will become almost a reference book in the moments of preparation for speeches.

"Kama Sutra for the speaker", Radislav Gandapas

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