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About Everything Wiki » Author's Column » How to fit the maximum in hand luggage and not overpay for luggage

How to fit the maximum in hand luggage and not overpay for luggage

03 May 2023, 06:16, parser
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Ekaterina Chaliapina
Has extensive experience of independent travel and knows everything about how to create optimal routes with an optimal budget. He is well versed in the culture and art of different countries and is happy to help people discover the world at his leisure.

Faced with the offers of budget air carriers, many travelers find themselves confused. The prices of low-cost airlines look very attractive, and sometimes they are the only way to make the desired trip. But at the same time, harsh conditions scare off potential tourists. And if many of us are ready to refuse to eat on board, then not everyone will decide to travel thousands of kilometers only with hand luggage. Meanwhile, traveling with small luggage is quite possible, you just need to meet a few conditions.

Clarifying the conditions of the problem

The baggage allowance must be found on the website of each specific carrier. They may vary. But in general, low-cost airlines allow you to carry luggage weighing up to 10 kg and measuring a maximum of 55 × 40 × 20 cm in each dimension, respectively. At the Russian low-cost airline Pobeda, the luggage size should not exceed 165 cm in the sum of three dimensions. German low-cost airlines, as a rule, limit the weight of luggage to 8 kg.

What to pack

For these needs, you can buy a small suitcase. Manufacturers produce such models just taking into account the requirements of low-cost airlines in size 55 × 40 × 20 cm. This is a very convenient and stylish option. But it must be borne in mind that a suitcase is usually somewhat heavier than a bag or backpack. In turn, a bag or backpack should be light, roomy and keep its shape well due to sufficiently dense material and well-made seams.

Avoid hard molded bags. They are heavy and do not allow you to tamp down luggage if necessary. Also, when choosing a bag, much attention should be paid to the optimal organization of its internal space. The number of branches and their location should meet your needs. This is very individual, depends on the things you take with you, and can either interfere by limiting space, or create reserves due to a more compact luggage stowage.

What can not be packed and transported in excess of the established norm

In addition to one piece of hand luggage, you can bring a handbag, briefcase and holdall with you in the cabin for free, as well as carry a folder with documents, a tablet, a phone, a camera, an umbrella, a bouquet of flowers and outerwear. This right is reserved for the passenger in the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Let's take a closer look at this point. The fact is that the parameters of a handbag and briefcase are often not fixed anywhere. Only representatives of AK Pobeda call the size limit for a handbag 75 cm in the sum of three dimensions.

It is desirable that the bag has a classic cut and is made of leather. A fabric bag can be classified by airline employees as a sports bag or, for example, a beach bag, which is no longer included in the free baggage allowance. Do not neglect such an item as a holdall, in which you can carry extra clothes for free.

In addition, you can carry some things on board in your pockets completely unhindered. "And how much can you carry in your pockets?" — you ask doubtfully. "Yes, if you set such a goal!" will be our answer. Irreplaceable in this case will be vests and jackets, for example, the Scottevest brand, which have a huge number of internal pockets of various sizes.

Maximum functionality of things

Now let's talk about how to assemble a compact luggage. The answer seems obvious: you need to take only the essentials. Take a critical look at your usual baggage collection list. Did everything come in handy during your trip? And was it really necessary in such quantity? What you take with you and what you pay for should be as functional as possible. To do this, it is necessary to clearly represent the purpose of the trip.

It is the tasks of the trip that determine the form of clothing, and not the usual ideas about the wardrobe. Use layering in clothing. Then, taking some not the most voluminous things in another copy, for example, another top or skirt, you will be able to create several images and will be insured against possible weather fluctuations.

Focus on accessories

Remember about accessories. They will help to create a stylish image. In addition, most of the accessories on board the aircraft can be carried directly on yourself. It can be a hat, glasses, handbag, neckerchief, belt, watch, jewelry. Then the travel wardrobe itself can be assembled from a minimum of basic things that are easily combined with each other.

Hygienic cosmetics

As for hygienic cosmetics, evaluate how individual and urgently needed means you use? Is it really necessary to use them on the days of your trip? Identify inexpensive basic tools that you can easily find on arrival in the nearest supermarket or even on the shelf of your hotel. Make a choice in their favor. What you really need to take with you, pour into lighter plastic jars with a volume of 15 to 100 ml, which can be found in many cosmetics stores.

Decorative cosmetics

Try to evaluate decorative cosmetics from the point of view of the Pareto principle: 20% of cosmetic bags give 80% of the make-up effect. Try to figure out these leaders and take them with you. Instead of the usual cosmetic bag, take a small and thin cosmetic bag. Quilted soft walls and a rigid shape take up extra space.

First aid kit

It is a very controversial question whether it is necessary to take a first aid kit on the road. Most of what you take will probably not be useful to you. There is probably a pharmacy in the place where you are going. If you have a chronic disease, take the medication you need. In any case, it will be less than an additional first aid kit just in case.

Gadgets and other equipment

If women have to optimize luggage to a greater extent in matters of clothing and cosmetics, then men will probably give them a head start in relation to gadgets and other equipment. The desire to take all your favorite gadgets with you at once is understandable, but give yourself an honest answer to the question of how often you opened an e-book on your last trip. How badly did you need all those cables that you took with you?

Separate diving equipment and other equipment also weigh down the luggage. They can be rented directly on site. In this case, it makes sense to correlate the rental cost and the savings from a budget flight.

Mini version

For some necessary things, you can find a smaller copy of them: a small comb, a small nail file, a compact travel umbrella, thin elastic bands for hair, a small purse, and so on.

In conclusion, I would like to advise you to always carefully study the rules of the airline whose services you use. And when collecting luggage, follow three main principles: an individual approach to yourself and your needs, resourcefulness and functionality.

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