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About Everything Wiki » Author's Column » 5 simple ways not to be sprayed on a hundred cases at the same time

5 simple ways not to be sprayed on a hundred cases at the same time

03 May 2023, 06:15, parser
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Natalia Dmitrieva
Journalist, copywriter, mother of two children, which forces her to constantly live in multitasking mode.

Do you want to keep up more? "What a strange question? — you thought, - Of course I want to!". Take your time with the answer.

What often happens to people who are trying to find three extra hours a day and become more productive? They deny themselves the pleasures, sacrifice sleep and rest, and most importantly — the things that are really important to them. By building up the pace and chasing an increase in personal efficiency, you can easily waste your strength and health.

And yet, what to do if you don't have time for anything? How to stop grabbing a bunch of things at the same time, leave them all unfinished and go to bed with the feeling of a wasted day? Simplify.

These five easy ways will help you focus your attention and energy only where you really need it.

1. Write down specific goals

"You can't hit a target you can't see," said Robin Sharma, a well—known writer and personality development specialist. Therefore, let your goals always be in front of your eyes. The more specific they are formulated, the better.

"Becoming rich and famous" is a very abstract goal. Much more accurate is "Earn a million dollars and get at least 100 thousand subscribers on Facebook* by December 2017". You can divide goals into groups: "Health", "Finances", "Children", "Relationships", "Self-development" and so on. The main thing is to write down their exact wording and always keep in sight.

2. Select 2-3 priority areas

What is most important to you here and now? Learn English or find a new job? Maybe cure a stomach ulcer or help my son go to college? Identify no more than three tasks that you want to solve first.

This does not mean that the other goals should be forgotten. You can return to them in a few months. Or allocate half an hour a week for steps to achieve them. In the meantime, concentrate on the main thing.

3. Plan no more than three tasks per day

Yes, the modern world requires people to multitask. But how many athletes do you know who have become Olympic champions in several sports? No wonder, because the fewer priorities, the higher the result.

Therefore, plan three main things for the day, and those that bring you closer to your goal. Do you want a job in the UK? Add the following item to your to-do list: "Find 10 events where you can meet British employers."

What if you have completed all three items long before the end of the day? Then write down the new three points and proceed to their implementation in turn. This will help you always focus on the main thing, and not grab your head at the sight of an agenda of thirty items.

4. Learn to refuse

Throughout the day, you invariably encounter something that distracts you: whether it's a new message in the messenger or an annoying colleague who can't wait to discuss yesterday's hockey final.

As for gadgets that take up time, turn off the alerts on them for at least a couple of hours. You can set any other rules of self-discipline: for example, do not look at your smartphone until you have completed at least one of the tasks scheduled for the day.

People demanding your attention can also unsettle you and disrupt your plans. Does this mean that we will have to sacrifice human relationships and harshly reject everyone in a row? Not necessarily. Type "10 ways to say no" in any search engine. You will find a lot of options to gently refuse a person without offending him. Choose the most comfortable ones for you and apply them.

5. Work with the body

Surely you have heard that spiritual practices are useful for better concentration of attention. Many experts in this field claim that meditation helps to pacify a restless mind. This is a good recipe, but it can hardly be called universal.

If a person cannot sit with a straight back, it is extremely difficult for him to meditate on the sunset. Therefore, it is better to start spiritual development by working with the body.

Julianna Sokolovskaya
yoga teacher with 10 years of experience

Find the kind of physical activity that gives you pleasure. Let it be dancing, yoga, swimming, or just 10 sit-ups in your free time. This will give you energy and the very hormones of happiness, without which it is difficult to move towards your goals.

Try to apply these five methods at least for one day. And then answer the question: was this day different from the whole of the previous week? Most likely, it will be different. And for the better.

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