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About Everything Wiki » Android » Review of iTunes analogues for Android

Review of iTunes analogues for Android

03 May 2023, 06:50, parser
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The lack of binding to a single application to manage the contents of your phone has its pros and cons. Of course, using iTunes on iOS devices is simple and convenient, but Android users have a great advantage of being able to choose from several options that provide similar iTunes functionality.

Review of iTunes analogues for Android


Perhaps the closest Android application to iTunes in terms of functionality. The program consists of two applications, one of which is installed on your computer and the other on Android. doubleTwist allows you to sync not only music and playlists, but also videos, photos, and even apps. As a result, we get a good media player for a computer and a mobile device with the ability to synchronize content.

Review of iTunes analogues for Android

Another advantage of doubleTwist is that it supports all Android devices. A mobile application and a computer application can work independently of each other, but to get full functionality, you need to use them in pairs. The Double Twist AirSync addon eliminates the need to connect Android to a computer for synchronization, allowing you to use WiFi instead.


Probably, there is no person who has not used this player at least once. And using it together with the mobile version of Winamp for Android allows you to easily and painlessly synchronize music and playlists, even over wireless networks.

Review of iTunes analogues for Android

Like doubleTwist, this application is a good media player in itself, and it can only be used on a mobile device, but to unlock the full potential of Winamp, install it on your computer. Many will be happy to learn about the possibility of syncing with iTunes, which will allow you to transfer your entire library from there to an Android device. The lack of application synchronization support is somewhat saddening, but if you really need this function, use the previous application.


If you are a Mac owner and do not want to stop using the iTunes service, or you continue to use iTunes on Windows (and this happens), then the iSyncr application will help you synchronize content between iTunes and an Android device.

Review of iTunes analogues for Android

Try other options

In any case, it is not possible to find a complete analogue of iTunes for Android right now. Existing versions have certain limitations compared to the functionality of iTunes on iOS devices. If you decide not to stop at the previous options, then you can try MediaMonkey or Songbird players, which synchronize the Android device in their interface as a USB carrier and allow you to download music to it. In addition, you can always connect your Android to your computer as a removable disk and write any information you need to the memory card.

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